Managing Open Innovation Technologies

Im Springer Verlag ist gleich zum Start des Jahres 2013 das Buch „Managing Open Innovation Technologies“ erschienen. Darin: Das Kapitel „Pico-Jobs as an OpenInnovation Tool for Utilising Crowdsourcing„, Mitautor Jan Fischer, Geschäftsführung der Firma innosabi.
Der Artikel beschreibt unsere Open Innovation Methode „Pico-Jobs“ am Beispiel OSRAM.

„The Internet enables new forms of crowdsourcing by electronic platforms. Companies can use these platforms for opening up their innovation processes and for integrating customers by small, highly structured paid tasks. We call these tasks Pico-Jobs and illustrate them as an open innovation tool for systematically utilising the creative potential of customers for activities during the innovation process.(…) Overall, companies can use Pico-Jobs for three different purposes:

  1. Crowd Wisdom, which allows users of these crowdsourcing platform to share their knowledge and perceptions with the company
  2. Crowd Creation, which encourages the creation of new content or artefacts on these platforms and
  3. Crowd Voting, which involves platform users for the evaluation of product ideas, prototypes or designs.“