innosabi Mitarbeiter gewinnt das Finale der European Hackathon Championship

Das IHK Oktoberhackfest

Letzten Samstag hat in den Räumen der Industrie- & Handelskammer in München ein etwas anderes Oktoberfest stattgefunden. Das IHK Oktoberhackfest 2015 war das Finale einer Reihe von Hackathons, die seit Beginn des Jahres in ganz Europa ausgetragen wurden. Mehr als 200 ausgewählte Programmierer aus der ganzen Welt mit Hintergründen in Mobil-, Web-, Server- und Hardware Entwicklung hatten 30 Stunden Zeit, um ihr Bestes zu geben und die European Hackathon Championship für sich zu entscheiden.

Die Gewinner der European Hackathon Championship

Gewonnen hat, mit seinem Team „Tradeport“, einer unserer innosabi Mitarbeiter: Software Entwickler Vadym Yatsyuk. Wir könnten kaum stolzer sein und schätzen uns glücklich, dass er die Entwicklung unserer Crowdsourced Innovation Plattform genauso rockt wie das Hackfest am vergangenen Wochenende!


Um Ihnen einen Eindruck von unserem preisgekrönten Mitarbeiter und dem Oktoberhackfest geben zu können, haben wir Vadym zu dem Wettbewerb interviewt:

How long have you been working at innosabi and what are your main tasks?

It’s been nearly 2 years since I started working at innosabi. Adding new functionality and features, as well as further optimization and improvement of already existing functions in the platform – those are my tasks.

What was the challenge at the Oktoberhackfest 2015 and how did your team manage so well?

All challenges we had to face were very common for hackathons. The first challenge was to find a good idea. My teammates and I spent a few hours to figure out which problem we can solve and what actually is a real problem. During brainstorming we had some good ideas that actually couldn’t be done due to possible legal issues or on the ground that it was partially done by someone else. The second issue was to deliver a working, well designed prototype in very short period of time (24 hours). The solution was no sleep and splitting the work more or less equally into 4 parts, one part for each member of the team. The last and biggest challenge was the pitch. One of our members, Periwinkle, started preparing the presentation almost at the very beginning to make it perfect and easy to understand our idea, adapting to the fact that pitching is only 120 seconds for each team.

What was your winning idea about?

With our app, travellers passing through airports or train stations who are looking for something or trying to get rid of something (including foreign currency) are able to locate each other and trade. Travelers load the mobile app and either post an offer or browse through existing offers. When an offer is accepted, the buyer and seller communicate with each other to meet up and make an exchange! Images are tagged in multiple languages, thus allowing people to find what they’re looking for.

How do you know your team? Did you work together before?

Oktoberhackfest had a meet up on Friday, the day before the hackathon started, so that everyone could share their ideas, find teammates for their project or join another team. That’s where we met. Our team was very international and consisted of 4 people. Periwinkle Doerfler and Stephen Gaschignard are from the USA. Stephen just moved to Hamburg a few days ago and Periwinkle was here to visit her friend and the famous Oktoberfest. Duy Nguyen is from Switzerland and came here especially for Hackathon.

Could you profit from your professional work experience during the challenge?

Yes, definitively. This wasn’t my first hackathon. At some of them, if I can use my skills and experience that I acquired during my daily job – I use it. But it also happens that not every developer in the team is experienced in the same programming languages, frameworks and libraries. Sometimes they simply desire to acquire more experience and learn something new. My teammates and I, we found an optimum of technologies and programming languages to satisfy all of the team. Which I also partially use at work. We decided to use technologies such as NodeJS for building our server, Ionic for building cross-platform mobile application and MongoDB to store data.

Are you planning to participate in another hackathon any time soon?

It’s Europe’s largest hackathon next weekend (October 2-4), called hackzurich, taking place in Zurich, Switzerland. There, 500 hackers from all around the world are expected. Probably this is the next one.