The Emergence of Plattforms for Open and Crowdsourced Innovation – Ein Ausschnitt aus unserem Buch

by Prof. Kathrin M. Möslein
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg & HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

„Generally, Open and Crowdsourced Innovation build on two basic organizational principles: First, open problem calls that ask for solutions and second, self-selected participation of individuals or teams to solve the challenges posed. Historically, these organizational principles have always existed. However, the emergence of the internet with its interactive possibilities and its detachment from spatiotemporal limitations offers an entirely new dimension. The possibility to form innovation platforms and communities is a central driver for the concept of Crowdsourced Innovation.“

Tools and Building Blocks

„Historically, with the growing importance of corporate R&D, the locus of innovative potential was increasingly limited by organizational boundaries. Today, we observe a fundamental change: with the rise of the interactive web, now virtually everyone has the chance to get involved in highly complex innovation activities with large numbers of collaborators on a global scale. These innovation activities are stimulated and supported by a range of specialized tools that form the building blocks for Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing platforms. There are five different classes of tools:

  • innovation contests
  • innovation markets
  • innovation communities
  • innovation toolkits
  • innovation technologies

The development, diffusion, and implementation of these innovation tools are mainly driven by the attractiveness, usability, and inclusiveness of web 2.0 and social software features. This is evident, when looking at each of the tools, as well as their features and functions in Open Innovation and Crowdsourced Innovation processes.“

Innovation Communities

„Innovation communities enable innovators to collectively share and develop ideas, discuss concepts and promote innovations. Web 2.0 and social software based innovation communities normally bundle interested and specialized innovators for particular issues and thus support collective development and enhancement of innovation concepts. The innovation process in such communities is a joint effort, creating a social environment and family-like spirit. Open source software communities are typical examples. The principles of collaborative software development can also be applied to the development of hardware and actual products.“

Towards Novel Platform Strategies

„As a result of internet technologies and web applications, all presented tools for Open and Crowdsourced Innovation include four common and novel effects. They allow

  • for large numbers of innovators to contribute,
  • empower these innovators to collaborate in widely distributed settings,
  • foster high-speed interaction that radically accelerates innovation processes and
  • provide a global memory for innovators to build on.

These four effects clearly facilitate collaboration across organizational boundaries and symbolize new opportunities to create innovations. Additionally, the five innovation tools are essentially just building blocks that open up space for novel platform strategies.“


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