A new age for innosabi software

Not only the world around us stands constant transformation, also innosabi is entering a new era. With the expansion of our portfolio, we are adapting the innosabi products to the changing requirements of digitization. Therefore, we are building our software solutions even more around specific use cases. But what has been the trigger for this development? It becomes quite obvious when one steps back for a moment to take a glimpse into the past.

Digital transformation is no longer a task of the future

Our lives are becoming more digital and faster. Software and intelligent technologies are continually expanding their impact on our everyday lives: Internet of Things, Big Data or Industry 4.0 are fundamentally altering the ways we live and work.

These developments drive and inspire the work at innosabi. With our technology, we support our customers in a changing world – so they can be faster and more digital, but also be prepared for a future in which companies sometimes have to completely redefine themselves and their products. We have a profound understanding of the necessity to address future problems right away and find a creative solution through innovation.

Adaptability is the key to success – also for innosabi

In a world that is in constant transformation, change cannot be avoided. Following an agile approach, it is inevitable to put “Adaptability over Resistance”. The world is no longer just about responding to change, but to act actively and to shape the future. However, this principle of Agile Innovation, which we have already introduced here on the blog, is not only essential for our customers, but also for ourselves. Like any other company, innosabi continues to evolve.

Roughly summarized, the evolution of innosabi began seven years ago with unserAller. Via Facebook and our own platform, consumers could take part in the development of new products. From shower gel to mustard, everything was there. Sometimes we even sold the jointly developed products in the unserAller shop. It soon became clear: what works for consumer goods is also interesting for suppliers in many other areas. That’s why innosabi gave companies the opportunity to build their own communities and thus became an expert in innovation software. With the innosabi technology, companies are able to cultivate communities and work on projects collaboratively with their customers. But we have found that companies could benefit not only from external communities. Internal collaboration and employee communities add value to the development process as well.

So much has changed in recent years: new use cases for our software, new stakeholders and now a new, expanded product portfolio. In doing so, we want to continue our development, adapting to the changing requirements of our customers and the conditions of digital change.

5 software solutions for innovation in your business

Agile innovation now covers many areas of company business, indeed the entire ecosystem of a company. The right digital infrastructure is an important prerequisite. With the innosabi software, we are not just providing the right infrastructure, but also the necessary acceleration through agility in the innovation process. We offer five specialized solutions to better meet the needs of different applications and objectives in innovation management.

  • innosabi launch pad accelerates the innovation process and connects the knowledge in the entire company. In Innovation Funding and Solution Scouting projects, employees can collaboratively develop, refine, and fund ideas – and quickly find the best path from idea to implementation.
  • innosabi spark enables a completely modernized idea management. Through transparent evaluation, efficient workflows and state-of-the-art user experience, companies can fully exploit the potential of employee ideas.
  • innosabi telescope is the solution for collaboration with customers. Companies can test their prototypes directly with the end user and get feedback in the development process. Crowd Innovation together with customers opens up the possibility of user-centered, agile and successful product development.
  • innosabi orbit provides the opportunity to collaborate with networks and external stakeholders. Engage suppliers in development processes at an early stage or solve problems with a selected network of experts.
  • innosabi hub combines the four specialized solutions launch pad, spark, telescope and orbit in one central analysis tool. Thus, our software provides the necessary infrastructure for a networked, digital ecosystem. Advanced data analytics enables reporting across all projects and platforms.

Innovation management and idea management, internal and external, with customers, suppliers, experts and your employees – with the innosabi software you will find a suitable, specialized platform solution for every application and create a digital infrastructure for an agile innovation management. Find out more about the individual platform solutions on our website.