Connecting Sparks of Genius: Catharina van Delden at 2019

I am used to talk about innosabi, but getting the chance to talk about my personal family history was an entirely different experience. At 2019 I had the great honor to share the innosabi vision and explain how my great-great-grandfather almost invented television.

Innovation has always been about speed and that is especially true today. The story of my great-great-grandfather almost inventing television – had he just been a tiny bit faster – proofs how important it is to be more agile than your competitors, when it comes to innovation. Even today, a 100 years later, the challenge is the same: finding the right information quickly and connecting the dots to form something new and innovative. That is exactly what we want to do with innosabi galaxy, an innovation ecosystem or as we call it: the one-stop-shop for innovation.

I am very happy to share the video of my speech at 2019 with you and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.