What innosabi is all about… in 2 minutes

The innosabi software accelerates innovation processes and enables innovation management with the entire ecosystem of a company. But which innovation methods are behind the innosabi products? And in which use cases can our software be used? In just two minutes, our CEO Catharina van Delden clarifies these two questions and introduces the company innosabi.

Are you curious now? Then we recommend the webcast hello world_ this is innosabi! In a total of 20 minutes, Catharina van Delden vividly explains both the method of agile innovation and the use cases of our products.

Fancy more knowledge about innovation methods? Where does Agile Innovation come from, how the four principles of agile innovation management came about, and what are the benefits of agility in the innovation process? Find out in the blog post about our products and the LinkedIn article by Catharina van Delden.