Starting the next chapter: innosabi joins forces with the Questel group

The innosabi journey has been going on for over ten years now – and we wouldn’t be innosabi if it didn’t continue in an exciting way. The next chapter is named “innosabi. A Questel company”.


Let’s start at the beginning. A little more than ten years ago, Catharina van Delden, Jan Fischer, Hans-Peter Heid and Moritz S. Wurfbaum founded innosabi GmbH. At the time, they were still studying, their office didn’t really deserve the name and the business model was different. Over the years, innosabi has evolved, grown and changed. What began as a consulting service has become Germany’s largest co-creation community. With nail polish and mustard “made by the customers”, the community unserAller has become famous. Today, innosabi is a leading software provider, employs 55 people and works together with global industry leaders on the innovations of tomorrow.


So what’s new

From 2010 to 2020, we have proven what our software can do and how well our methods work. We have made a name for ourselves in the industry and have built a good reputation, especially in German-speaking countries.


Now we are ready for the next step. We have always wanted to grow beyond our domestic market and show the rest of the world what we can do! 2021 is the time for this step. But why take such a big step alone when we have found the perfect match for us? That is exactly why we have decided to join forces with Questel — for the next big step into the future.




And who is Questel?

The Questel group is a leading software provider in the field of Intellectual Property (IP) from France. They specialise in IP Management and data-driven business intelligence. And — like us — they understand that every IP starts with a great innovation process. So the Questel group, with its 900 employees and 6000 customers in over 30 countries, is the perfect partner to achieve our ambitious goal to bring our software and knowledge to the world. We are therefore proud to announce that innosabi join forces with the Questel group as of January 2021.


Create what’s next. Together.

Rapid change and the advancing digital transformation challenge companies to also drive their future success. Combining innosabi’s innovation software capabilities with Questel’s comprehensive range of IP management solutions is a direct response to these challenges. The journey from idea to marketable innovation to continuous management of IP assets has never been easier!


For Catharina van Delden, co-founder and CEO of innosabi, making her company part of the Questel group is the next logical step in the pursuit of innosabi’s vision:

“Since day one of innosabi, we have always believed that innovation happens where the right people, ideas, and knowledge come together. That is exactly what is happening now as innosabi joins forces with Questel. Together, we will expand the way, IP data is used in the creation of innovations – and how these are again managed as the organization’s IP. We are very excited to turn this potential into new, innovative tools for our clients.”


Charles Besson, CEO of Questel, shares this view and emphasizes the importance of innovation solutions in Questel’s growth plans:

“Since intellectual property protection is interwoven with all successful innovation initiatives, innosabi’s software is highly synergistic to what we do best. Every IP starts with a great innovation process. innosabi has an exceptional track record in enabling their clients’ innovation programs and making innovation about more than ideas. That makes them a perfect addition to the Questel group.”


Integrating innosabi’s product and expertise with Questel group’s exciting IP products creates an offering that supports our customers throughout the entire cycle of innovation — from ideation to managing IP to new ideas based on IP data.


Now some facts

Since that was a lot of text and a lot of input, here are a few bullet points with facts. Because the big question is whether this changes anything. The answer is: only for the better!

  • Questel is the majority shareholder in innosabi.
  • innosabi will remain innosabi GmbH.
  • We will continue to address our core markets.
  • Questel will include innosabi in their product portfolio and address the global market. 
  • Of course, we have an official press release with all the hard facts you need to know.
  • Other than that: a loooot of work for us to do to take advantage of all the exciting new opportunities that are now opening up for us. But we are looking forward to it!


Thank you!

Lastly (for this blog), all that remains for us to say is: Thank you! Thank you to everyone who has accompanied us on this journey so far. Thank you for the trust, support, and partnership we have experienced all along the way. Without all of this, we would not be where we are today. We are very much looking forward to exploring this new, exciting chapter of innosabi together. As always, it will remain exciting and thrilling. And we will remain innosabi.