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Competency Profiles

Thousands of people come together to work collaboratively on our Crowdsourced Innovation Platforms. Typically, each community member has different knowledge, skills, or professional background. For this reason, platforms with large communities are particularly dependent on identifying and connecting the right users with the right ideas & projects. Each participant considers the projects from their own perspective and brings in specific ideas, depending on the individual experience, preferences and characteristics.

Connect people, knowledge and ideas efficiently

The innosabi platform allows these attributes being depicted in the form of competence profiles and thereby internally provide the relevant information about the user. This information comes from the participants themselves, surveys are taken, automatically accessed by the platform or fed from external data sources of the company. The Competency Profiles module also adds value by enabling community managers to customize profiles manually. As an incentive and to enrich the community, individual members can achieve badges and specific community status through special achievements or skills.


“The longer you use the platform, the more information is available. The profiles become more detailed, and the software registers the interests of the users and the projects they like to participate in. The profiles summarize the user’s participation and generate an overview of the competencies and activities, enabling moderators and team leaders to categorize and learn more about the community. ”

– David Chia, innosabi

Benefits of innosabi Competency Profiles

The community participants can set their individual interests, skills and competencies and earn badges & trophies through their activities on the platform. This has the advantage, that tailor-made content and interesting projects can be shared with them whenever new ones come up. On the other hand, the platform is constantly learning more about the interests and preferences of its users. Administrators can therefore invite attendees with the appropriate expertise to create optimal conditions for the innovation project.

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