Innosabi included in report by independent research firm

We have some great news to share! One of the global leading tech analysts has included innosabi in their most recent evaluation of innovation management platforms. Alongside innosabi, 12 other platform providers have been identified and scored in order to assist CIOs and innovation leaders in selecting the right platform for their needs.


Overall, 22 different criteria were evaluated in this thorough analysis to identify the most significant players in the marketspace and how they stack up.


We are, unfortunately, not allowed to give more details about the results or quote directly from the report. But: We can definitely say that we are very proud of our rating! The full report can be acquired directly via the homepage of the research firm. More information on the overall evaluation process is available in the detailed description of the applied methodology, as well.



Being included in this evaluation is a big deal for us and, obviously, we would like to talk a little bit more about it. So, instead of sharing the results, we took the time to ask innosabi co-founder and managing partner Jan Fischer to share some of his thoughts first hand:


Jan, why is it such a big deal to be included in such analyst evaluations – and to get top ratings?


Well, first of all, it’s always nice to be recognized for the hard work you do and the decisions you made along the way.


But aside from this validation for us, it is also a validation for our clients that they opted for one of the leading solutions and are in good hands for the future.


But what I think makes this big deal even bigger is the simple fact that we are still quite a small company compared to others. We might not have the largest market presence, revenues, or client base. But – as the rating shows – we are able to compete at the highest level with our offerings and vision.


How do these results affect our product and our company?


At the end of the day, I am a sales guy. So, obviously, I hope that the results will open some doors for us or spread the innosabi name into new markets and regions.


However, the most important thing to understand is that a great rating does not mean that we can rest comfortably on our achievements. Yes, we are amongst the leaders.


But: the report has shown once again how competitive our market is and how quickly it evolves. Many of the criteria which decide between leaders and followers were not part of the conversation a couple of years ago.


And it might look completely different a few years from now. We have been already included in similar evaluations before – also with great ratings – and we had to work hard to retain our leading position. I expect it to become an even greater challenge now, as the technologies and client requirements become more complex. But it’s a challenge I am looking forward to.


Speaking of the future: what do you expect in terms of customer needs, and how can we meet them?


We are already seeing – and many analysts support this – a strong shift from isolated innovation solutions inside organizations towards solutions that can leverage the ecosystem to empower innovation.


One of the main needs of clients today is to connect their ecosystem and establish a unified foundation for all their innovation programs and initiatives.


Luckily, we have aligned our company and product strategy with this development right from the start, so we are already quite capable in this regard. With all these connections and accessible data in place, I expect that companies will soon demand for smarter solutions, automations, and intelligent software to unlock their full potential.


The more we can make use of data to connect the right information, explore new innovation fields, find new connections, or provide recommended actions, the more value we can create for our clients. So this is what we have to aim for.


Lastly, the obvious question: how did you celebrate?


Usually, we would get the whole company together for a drink and make the announcement. But considering the current COVID situation, this was not an option. So we did it in a virtual town hall meeting instead, and everyone joined remotely from their home offices. I hope we can raise a glass to it in person again soon.


Thanks Jan!