Innosabi turns 10! 🍾

Exactly ten years ago, on 7th December 2010, the innosabi GmbH was officially founded and registered as a business. Obviously, we wanted to celebrate this occasion together with all our friends, clients, and people who have supported us along the way. Since this is currently not possible, we have to put a pin in that and wait a little longer to have a proper party.

Nevertheless, we want to share our joy and excitement on this day. To many others, ten years might not sound like a lot, but for us, it is a huge milestone. Over the past ten years, we have made so many memorable experiences, overcome uncountable challenges, and learned invaluable lessons – so many, in fact, that they would easily fill 20 or 30 years.

Innosabi evolved from a mere idea of the four founders to a successful business with 55 employees.

When we started, the people we talked to never heard of innosabi before and were usually more interested in the meaning of the name than what we actually do. Today, most people working in our field have heard of us and value our work.

Ten years ago, we didn’t even have an own innosabi office. Today, we work from our wonderful “Innovation Mansion”.

That is why we would take this anniversary as an opportunity to look back and take a few moments to appreciate what we have accomplished so far. Not only to show the world how much we have grown but also for ourselves – after all, most of the innosabi team have not been part of the journey from the start. And as a picture is always worth a thousand words, we dug through our archives to find some good ones!

The Founders


The Office


The Team


The Logo


The Daily Business


The Software


The Coffee


What a wild ride the past 10 years have been! The pictures we found can’t even do it justice. So if you have any other old historical innosabi artifacts (pictures, videos, documents, gifts etc.), feel free to share them with us or drop them in the comments on LinkedIn or Twitter.