How Siemens Uses Internal Crowdfunding to Drive Innovation

Christian Homma – Senior Innovation Manager at Siemens AG – describes the key challenge of working in innovation management. An idea alone does not make any innovation, nor does it promote progress. After all, good ideas will not turn into marketable products that generate added value and revenue for the company by themselves. They always need passionate supporters who recognize and promote their potential. They need space and time to flourish. And ultimately, their success depends on whether the organization has the right processes and financial resources to make their implementation possible.

“Siemens Quickstarter is about changing the company‘s culture; tearing down silos and empowering employees to live ownership. If you submit a project and get funded, it is your responsibility to implement it. The innosabi software is the ideal tool to engage all employees of our organization on one efficient, digital platform for innovation funding.”

Christian Homma, Siemens AG

Together with his colleague Christoph Krois, Christian Homma is responsible for implementing innovation initiatives for Siemens AG at Corporate Technology. The Quickstarter platform takes a key role in this endeavor by acting as a holistic solution for integrating employees into innovation projects. With the innosabi technology, it is possible to involve the employees in all steps, from idea generation to the distribution of budgets. In our Case Study Video, Christian Homma and Christoph Krois explain how Innovation Funding works and how successful Siemens has been with the innosabi platform so far.

Why Siemens Relies on innosabi Idea

Success starts with making the right decisions. That is why Siemens uses innosabi Idea to identify relevant ideas and drive innovative projects from across the organization.

„There is knowledge and ideas in our company and in the world out there that we necessarily have to connect with us. To do so, we need to think ahead, implement agile processes, integrate new methods and tools to be able to innovate faster and efficiently.”

Christoph Krois, Siemens AG

All employees take on more responsibility for the future of the company. Be it through detailed plans for their innovation projects or the distribution of budgets on exciting ideas of others.

“With the Quickstarter platform, we are pursuing several long-term goals. On the one hand, we want to give disruptive ideas a chance to be implemented. But we also want to change the culture in the company. We want ownership culture: to encourage the intrapreneurs within the company to stand up for their own ideas and to actually implement them.”

Christian Homma, Siemens AG