office impressions
the innosabi HQ

innosabi keeps growing. With the extension of our office to the entire floor now, the north and the south part of the building are now offering space for the different department teams and even more innosabis to come! This article will just give a quick peak into our new offices and the resent changes in the innosabi HQ:

all sail on

Of course, the ceiling height in our office is highly responsible for the special charm of the workspaces. The only problem: If several innosabis simultaneously make calls, the stucco reflects the sound and it gets loud. For this reason, our art director Julia specially created and installed sound-proofing sails for all talk-intensive departments.

innosabi HQ officeinnosabi HQ new

live and in color 

Reconstruction: The new studio room is not yet ready. Furnishings and details are still missing and are gradually purchased, tinkered and designed. Black wall paint, cork and thick fabric curtains for best picture and clearest sound are just a few of the nice features the brand team came up for us. Not only the innovator studio and the master class will take place from there, also telephone conferences and trainings will be broadcasted live from here.

innosabi HQ studio Master Class

best coffee in town

There may well be some innosabis that still mourn the old and beautiful, big red coffee machine. The majority, however, agrees: the coffee tastes even better now. The most important meeting place in the office has thus become more modern – the conversations about foam quality, flow speed and crema still remain the same.

innosabi HQ coffeeinnosabi HQ

become an innosabi

A beautiful office is only one thing, but the people are what makes a company truly special. With topics of innovation, digitalization and AI, we will continue to set new standards in the industry in the future. In the coming months and years, we will also strengthen our international presence. We have enough room for new colleagues now, you can check our career page for current job offers.