Presenting: The New innosabi Book!

We are very proud to announce that our second book has finally arrived and will be available to readers starting 11th November. Connect the Dots – Agile Innovation and Collaborative Ecosystems is our effort to describe and unify the core principles of what it means to innovate the innosabi way. It is our little innovation-manifesto, which we wrote as a foundation for everything we do and create here at innosabi – but maybe also for you and your organization.

Catharina van Delden (CEO) and David Chia (Strategy Director) already wrote the first innosabi book Crowdsourced Innovation together back in 2014. Since then, a lot has changed in the way we understand innovation and its significance in modern, forward-thinking companies. What tended to be the responsibility of dedicated innovation teams or an implied part of new product development has emerged to be on the top of the agenda from CEOs and CIOs. Today, innovation is not only about creating new things but transforming entire organizations, shaping a company’s identity, and ultimately enabling a strategic edge for competing now and in the future. innosabi and our concepts have evolved accordingly. What was a pretty comprehensive overview of the innovation landscape in 2014 is now a snapshot of one particular area. It still holds, but there are many more things to talk about. That’s why Catharina and David decided to write a second book.

Every day, the companies we work with ask themselves: How can companies create innovations when the future becomes unpredictable? How can we identify potential innovators and sources of innovation early on and leverage their advancement? What can organizations do to unite and orchestrate their internal and external stakeholders to pursue the “next big thing”?

Questions like these are essential for long-term strategies and decision-making in today’s highly dynamic, competitive market spaces. Focusing on innovation has become a focal differentiator to ensure lasting success, growth, and competitive advantage. At the same time, however, our world is growing more connected by the day. The pace of change and technological progress is increasing, and the amount of available information is unfathomable. So, while innovation is more important to businesses than ever before, it can also be more challenging than ever before.

This book is about the transformation of organizations into Innovation Ecosystems through the principles of Agile Innovation. It describes perspectives, methods, and best practices for enabling this change and a matching culture of innovation. It includes examples from industry-leading organizations like Siemens, Daimler, and Allianz. Its goal is to provide you with the best possible map for venturing into the exciting new territory of digital transformation.




You can get it on our website or via Amazon. We will hand-pack everything ourselves and add 127% more love and care to the package if you order from us. 🙂