How Siemens Promotes Ownership in Innovation

“Disruptive ideas need an unconventional innovation process.” With this guiding principle, Dr. Christian Homma from Siemens launched the company-internal program Siemens Quickstarter. The software developed by innosabi enables employees to participate in the company’s innovation management actively.

“Our employees are creative, but many good ideas lie dormant.” Siemens Quickstarter increases transparency in the innovation process, says Christian Homma in an interview. With the help of the innosabi software, Siemens is breaking open the silo thinking, as employees can now find out which innovation projects their colleagues are working on.

The particular feature of the platform is the possibility for innovation funding. The employees crowdfund submitted ideas on a real budget. Projects that achieve their funding goal can be implemented directly – without a board, without a management decision. In this way, Siemens promotes Ownership Culture:

We have a higher employee motivation. And we liveOwnership Culture. We use the platform to promote intrapreneurship because the employees are committed to their ideas. Anyone who reaches the funding goal implements his idea in a separate project.In the innovation process of Siemens, it says: Just give it a try. For this approach, the program and the Siemens Quickstarter platform of the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) were awarded the Grand Prize 2018. Click here for the video: