Innosabi Community update – new look. new features.

The new innosabi Community update enhances our software with a modern and intuitive design making them more powerful than ever. Building sustainable customer relations and user-centered product strategies now becomes an attractive and easy task.

The basis of the current update is a complete overhaul of all frontend functionalities and the software architecture by switching to an Angular framework. The update to state-of-the-art technology allows us to integrate additional features and to further optimize the processes on the platforms.

The Community update offers …

  • fast and future-proof software solutions,
  • streamlined user experiences,
  • more effective ways of interacting,
  • advanced customization options for platform admins,
  • more functions and communication options.

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Homepage Configurator

The homepage of a platform serves many tasks at the same time. Above all, it should guide users to projects that are relevant to them. In addition, it should keep users up to date on important developments and findings in the projects. And ultimately, it should make users aware of news and upcoming events that are relevant to their work.

The purpose of the homepage usually changes with the requirements of the projects that are on the platform. Therefore, we have developed the homepage configurator to support these permanent changes on the platform with agile structures. This allows the administrators of the platform to adapt the homepage to always suit their needs.

The homepage configurator enables to …

  • freely design and structure the homepage.
  • determine the display of specific content yourself.
  • generate dynamic widgets for community activities or statistics.
  • create static content to guide and inform users.
  • display elements according to user criteria.


Semi-open communities

The homepage configurator can also be used to display content for non-registered users. For this purpose, administrators can create a dedicated page and fill it with widgets that new users can access without having already logged in.

Instead of an empty and meaningless login screen, potential community members are now welcomed with actual content from the platform or specially prepared information. This conveys a basic understanding of the platform even before registration and informs future users about the goals and processes of the projects in advance.

The options of semi-open communities enable to …

  • establish better communication channels to the outside world.
  • gain more potential users for the platform.
  • increase information flows and engagement.
  • provide in-depth insights on how the platform works.
  • maintain full control over the confidentiality of the content.


Articles and library

Innovation projects are usually very complex and therefore require a lot of specialist knowledge and training from the community. A smooth flow of information is of central importance here. Because the better this works, the faster the projects fill with life and deliver initial results.

Articles and blog entries are ideal not only to communicate this information, but also to prepare it with the necessary depth of detail and visual support. The innosabi Community update brings a revised library for the community so that the content is not lost in the long run and can be accessed by users at any time.

Articles and library enable to …

  • use platforms for communicating important content.
  • build a knowledge base for users.
  • stimulate discussions and exchanges on specific information.
  • prepare complex content and data in a user-friendly manner.
  • establish platforms beyond the projects as a community hub.



Usually the projects on a platform contain physical aspects in addition to their digital components. These often are offline formats such as hackathons, makeathons, product presentations or meetings. Here, a great strengths of software solutions comes to light.

Because the entire preparation and follow-up of an analog event can now be handled directly via the platform. With the new event feature, the seamless transition between online and offline becomes of inestimable value for many projects – as it bridges the times of spatial separation and the findings from the events are fed back onto the platform in order to carry them forward.

The event options enable to …

  • announce events and register users directly.
  • network users with one another beyond event activities.
  • store all relevant information in one place.
  • curate content before and after the event.
  • specifically invite user groups according to predefined criteria.


Community evaluation

The feedback from the community is always very important for ideas and projects to develop in the right direction. Traditional voting mechanisms already reliably deliver quantifiable results that show the approval or rejection of the community.

In order to get more differentiated and qualitatively elaborated insights into the thoughts of the community, we developed the community evaluation. This makes it easier to identify and compare outstanding ideas by analyzing all submissions from the community based on several criteria.

Community evaluation enables to …

  • carry out coordination phases with detailed evaluations.
  • freely define the evaluation criteria given to the community.
  • let the administrators preselect ideas for evaluation.
  • display and compare several results at the same time.
  • carry out evaluation as a separate project phase or as part of ideation.


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