The Source of Innovation. Where Does It Come From?

Where does innovation come from? The origin of innovation is not a philosophical, but a rather simple historical one: Where would be standing today if it was not for innovations like the wheel, fire, and electricity? Not to speak of modern communication technologies, medicine, and democracy? Humans always innovated, what changes was the scope of innovation. The digital world of today is the result of countless innovations. At innosabi, we love to be part of this evolution, be digital pioneers and push along the boundaries of what’s possible. Still, as a mindset, we always find it helpful to keep the origins of innovation in mind, when thinking about the next steps today.


Our Urge for Progress & Innovation

Innovation is not an abstract or new concept, but the tangible result of the human urge for knowledge and progress. Our drive to question the status quo and to be constantly on the look-out for new ideas has barely changed over the millennia. Above all, innovation simply expresses the human desire for a comfortable life in prosperity, peace and good health.


The longings and ideas of how we can make our lives easier and more substantial accompany us in our everyday thinking and acting. Even in our spare time, we search for ways to become as time- or financially efficient as possible in order to live a better, more beautiful life. Also at work, we strive to improve processes or develop new products and services to create a positive working environment and value for us and our company.



Was ist die Quelle von Innovation?

The origins of innovation lie in the big and small things of everyday life. These are things that we want to improve or adapt to our changing needs and wishes. The finiteness of resources force us to develop new solutions. Our human Imagination propels us to strive for radically new technologies. We derive questions on how to do this or that differently and find the necessary knowledge. In doing so, we inevitably encounter problems and are confronted with the limits of what is currently possible. And that is the genuine starting point for the emergence of innovation: the desire for change and progress by overcoming obstacles and shifting boundaries.

Every person has a very individual set of knowledge, characteristics, and wishes. Everyone has skills and valuable experience that can be helpful in a wide range of situations in life – personally and professionally. Thus, every human being has the potential to become a catalyst for innovation and to participate in its implementation.

Personal motivation for innovations goes up, when a problem in our everyday lives is omnipresent or limits us in some way. A very emotional example in this respect is the story of Tal Golesworthy, who did not just want to accept his incurable disease and has improved his life and the lives of others through a small but subtle innovation. The great advantage of Tal Golesworthy, which can not be overemphasized: He thought like an engineer and not like a medical doctor. Thus, he brought a completely new perspective in old and previously unsuccessful treatment methods.


At innosabi we implement the ideas and methods presented above in our platforms and use our software to advance them. The focus is on the network of people, their knowledge, and their abilities. The premise that everyone can be the starting point for innovation naturally applies to organizations, companies and their huge ecosystems of customers, suppliers, scientists and many more in every way.The potentials are almost endless and just waiting to be uncovered and brought together with the right infrastructure.