Explore the possibilities of closely connecting two main steps in the innovation process, and learn why innosabi Insight and innosabi Idea are the ideal starting point for your end-to-end innovation journey.

The forecast of markets and customer behaviour has always been a vital tool for value creation and innovation initiatives. Gathering the right insights from truly relevant sources or picking up the latest trends and technologies at the right time is crucial to a company’s chances of success.

Equally important is the company’s ability to make best use of this information. Without efficient and powerful structures in place, which quickly help to transform the created insights and ideas into actionable output, the gained competitive advantage is lost in the depths of an organization again.

It’s highly important to close the gaps between acquiring, analysing and processing relevant information with seamless and streamlined processes in order to make the right strategic decisions for your business.

What is innosabi Insight?

innosabi Insight is an innovation intelligence solution to better understand and monitor the developments at the forefront of your industry. It continuously tracks and analyses over 500 different data sources with more than 125 million different pieces of information.

Combined with its AI and machine learning engine, it allows you to condense the ever-growing flood of data into easy to comprehend insights for your decision-making. Via one single interface, innovation teams are provided with the latest trends, patents, startups, competitors, partners, technologies, and publications.

What is innosabi Idea?

innosabi Idea taps into the potential of your employees, enabling them to launch new projects faster than ever before. It connects all innovation initiatives and teams in an organization at a central entry point and sparks a culture based on collaboration and agility.

Various specialized use cases support the creation and development of new products, services or business models. They connect necessary assets, stakeholders, knowledge bases and skills needed for the generation and implementation of ideas while covering different aspect of the innovation funnel – from gathering ideas, over scouting solutions, to funding the first steps.

Turning Insights into Ideas

How a holistic approach benefits your organization

Innovation is a process. It usually doesn’t happen at one specific point in time and isn’t created by a single person. It takes a lot of information, understanding, expertise, and creative ideas to make it happen.

This diversity and complexity can’t be captured by one tool alone. It takes a refined set of specialized solutions that can tackle the specific steps of the innovation process – from beginning to end.

Covering innovation end-to-end …

  • avoids several initiatives and tools running parallelly and disconnected from each other
  • aligns strategies and stakeholders along the innovation funnel towards shared visions and goals
  • creates synergies and new contact points between previously separated business units
  • enables better strategic planning and organization of available assets and information within an organization
  • makes the task of innovating more intuitive and approachable for all stakeholders involved
  • gives the organization better foresight and resilience in case of unexpected market shifts or crises

What your early-stage innovation funnel could look like with innosabi Insight and innosabi Idea

  • Technology Scouting
    Scout for upcoming technologies and new business options that you are still unaware of
  • Competitive Intelligence
    Monitor your competitors’ activity and evaluate the market potential of the new technology
  • Data Connection
    Use the information gathered on innosabi Insight as starting point for your innovation initiatives on innosabi Idea
  • Idea Generation
    Establish a dedicated crowd to collect ideas how the new technology can be of use for your future offerings
  • Innovation Funding
    Equip your ideas with the necessary funding and resources to quickly develop first prototypes or MVPs
Turning Insights into Ideas