Features for Innovation with Customers

Here you will find everything you need to sustainably strengthen the relationship with your customers and quickly meet their needs with customized solutions. The innosabi software is the perfect tool for a customer-centered product strategy in your company.

Built for Your Needs

Start open collaboration projects with your customers to gather feedback and ideas for products, services, and business models.


Identify Promising Ideas

Give your customers the opportunity to develop and submit their ideas. Then use discussions and voting to filter out the most promising projects together with your community.


Agile Processes

Guide your customers through the collaboration projects based on clearly defined phases and guide them on where they can best apply their knowledge in product development.

Test digital prototypes directly with your end customers to get quick feedback on functionality, usability, and design.


Minimize Risks

Ensure the successful launch of your offers by considering your customers’ expectations at an early stage. Save time and money by avoiding unnecessary development steps.


Constant Adjustment and Optimization

Use iterative feedback loops to continuously improve prototypes or concepts together with your customers and optimize them with regard to their changing requests and needs.

Create a powerful connection to existing communities with over two million active users worldwide.


Validate Assumptions in No Time

Validate your innovation strategy by checking critical decisions in advance. Choose your target group based on demographic or regional characteristics and get feedback at the push of a button.


Discover Insights and Trends

Use external communities to query trends or gain initial insights on specific topics within a few minutes. Establish a proactive approach to integrating future customer needs.

Customize Your Community Platform

  • innosabi Extension Survey


    Design surveys according to your ideas and requirements.

  • innosabi Extension Pairwise Voting

    Pairwise Voting

    Expand your rating options with smart features.

  • innosabi Extension Community Health

    Community Health

    Keep an eye on the most important key figures of your community.

  • innosabi Extension Gamification


    Motivate your community to actively participate.