Lisa Lepore

Subject Matter Expert Questel

Good to know

Lisa has a black belt in Tae Kwon-do and was ranked in the Top 10 in free-sparring in the US before it was an Olympic or popular media sport.

Where do you come from and what do you associate with your home country?

I’m from Kansas in the United States and I associate that with the Wizard of Oz (the movie with Dorothy and the Wicked Witch).

How would you explain to a little child what you are doing at work?

I explain to people how to play a game on the computer.

Which hobby do you start first when you retire?

Reading and cooking more, maybe reading more cookbooks and trying out new recipes.

Which animal embodies you best?

A dog because I’m rather friendly and I strive to be non-judgmental.

For what did you often get into trouble as a child?

Reading, I once had to stay after school (detention) for reading Catch-22 during a high school class after I started laughing uncontrollably.

What are your friends jealous of?

My low key sense of humor.

If you could have a super power which one would it be?

Create wealth from nothing.

Where would I find you on a Sunday at 12.00 pm?

Maybe doing a bit of grocery shopping for Sunday dinner.

What is your favourite word?

Inflammation, but not for good reasons.