Savaş Koc

Full Stack Developer

@innosabi seit 2020

Good to know

Savaş started to learn PHP when he was only 14, to write a text-based online game. He never finished that game.

Where do you come from and what do you associate with your home country?

I’m from Turkey. Nowadays I associate my country with both chaos and order. It has an order within its own chaotic life.

How would you explain to a little child what you are doing at innosabi?

Talking with computers, in a poetic way.

What is your dream location for the next innosabi office?

Maiden’s Tower, Istanbul, Turkey.

Which animal embodies you best?

A monkey. There are no explanations needed :).

What is your favourite word?

Genau! One can keep the conversation up with only this word.

What are your friends jealous of?

My laziness. They say my laziness drives my creativity.