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The Perfect Duo to Boost Innovation

To celebrate our growing product portfolio and the great progress we’ve made as part of the Questel group, we are offering a limited bundle deal for two of our tools: innosabi Insight and innosabi Idea!
It’s the perfect combination to start your end-to-end innovation journey with innosabi. And it delivers results right away. Get up to 20% off while the offer lasts.

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One Solution, Many Possibilities

  • Innovate
  • Collaborate
  • Connect

innosabi Idea

Create a digital entry point for your employees and their ideas. Combine your company's knowledge and creativity to increase the speed of your innovation initiatives in an unprecedented way.

innosabi idea software

innosabi Community

Establish a sustainable dialogue with your customers and integrate them directly into the development of your offers. Benefit from their feedback and ideas to bring customized products and services to the market.

innosabi community software

innosabi Partner

Connect with partners, experts, and suppliers in your ecosystem. Use the knowledge and technologies of external stakeholders for your innovation projects and create the basis for the joint development of new business areas.

The Perfect Team to Boost Your Innovation Process

Market and Tech Intelligence

Insight Dashboard

Aggregate the most important trends and developments from over 500 different data sources. Within seconds.

Competitive Intelligence

Compile the innovation activities of your key competitors and finds relevant new players within your market.

innosabi Insight KPI

Innovation Projects with Employees

Innovation Funding

Enhance innovation campaigns with virtual crowdfunding and accelerate the implementation of promising ideas.

Solution Scouting

Optimize the search for solutions and make the expertise of your employees usable across departmental boundaries.

innosabi Idea KPI

Startup Collaboration

Deal Pipeline

Enable the easy search for startups via established databases and transparent tracking of your collaboration with them.

Challenge Link

Create outside-in challenges to invite relevant startups to engage with you proactively around specific topics.

innosabi Startup KPI

Customer Feedback and Ideas

Crowd Innovation

Start open collaboration projects with your customers to gather feedback and ideas for new products and services.

Prototype Testing

Test digital prototypes directly with your end customers and get quick feedback on usability, design and function.

innosabi Community KPI

Technology Portfolio

Tech Overviews

Provide an easy-to-use overview of all available technologies and innovations within an organization with all relevant information and contact persons.

Knowledge Sharing

Allow the collaborative collection and sharing of knowledge within an organization. Decentralize the diffusion of critical information.

innosabi Tech KPI

Involve Experts and Partners

Supplier Innovation

Start campaigns on current business challenges and specifically invite suppliers with matching skills.

Startup Radar

Search for aspiring startups in your industry and initiate collaboration to tap into new technologies and business opportunities.

innosabi Partner KPI

Do You Want to Get Started?

We are happy to develop tailor-made solutions for the challenges in your company. Get to know all the features and possibilities of the innosabi software in a guided demo via screencast with one of our platform experts. Contact us!

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