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We Provide the Tools. You Create the Future.

Connect people, data and initiatives with a single software solution to develop and market innovations faster than ever before.

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innosabi joins forces with Questel

We are proud to announce our merger with the French Questel Group, a leading provider for end-to-end intellectual property solutions. By combining innosabi‘s innovation software capabilities with Questel‘s extensive range of intellectual property management, we aim to provide our customers with an even more holistic approach to innovation.


One Solution, Many Possibilities

  • Innovate
  • Collaborate
  • Connect

innosabi spark

Create a digital entry point for your employees and their ideas. Combine your company's knowledge and creativity to increase the speed of your innovation initiatives in an unprecedented way.

innosabi spark software

innosabi telescope

Establish a sustainable dialogue with your customers and integrate them directly into the development of your offers. Benefit from their feedback and ideas to bring customized products and services to the market.

innosabi orbit

Connect with partners, experts and suppliers in your ecosystem. Use the knowledge and technologies of external stakeholders for your innovation projects and create the basis for the joint development of new business areas.

The Right Tools for Your Initiatives

Innovation Projects with Employees

Innovation Funding

Enhance innovation campaigns with virtual crowdfunding and accelerate the implementation of promising ideas.

Solution Scouting

Optimize the search for solutions and make the expertise of your employees usable across departmental boundaries.

Customer Feedback and Ideas

Crowd Innovation

Start open collaboration projects with your customers to gather feedback and ideas for new products and services.

Prototype Testing

Test digital prototypes directly with your end customers and get quick feedback on usability, design and function.

Involve Experts and Partners

Supplier Innovation

Start campaigns on current business challenges and specifically invite suppliers with matching skills.

Startup Radar

Search for aspiring startups in your industry and initiate collaboration to tap into new technologies and business opportunities.

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