Configurate the platform

Configurate the platform

Manage static pages

Manage the static sites on your platform.
Click on “Static Pages” in the navigation bar. The static pages are displayed and searchable on the left and new pages are added on the right. If other static pages are displayed on the frontend navigation, please contact technical support.
The URL is derived from the platform URL and the name of the static page (the static site “Privacy” for example would be:
If several colored flags are highlighted then the page is published in the corresponding languages. Click on a site to see more details.

Manage your landing pages

Manage your platform’s landing pages.
To add landing pages, please contact your project manager or technical support. Existing pages can be managed just like your static sites.

Manage your mail notifications

Manage your platform’s automatic communications. Click on “Communication” in the navigation bar.
The messages are displayed and searchable on the left and new messages are added on the right. If one or more colored flags are highlighted, then the message is active in the corresponding language(s).
Click on a message to see more details.

Translate and modify text blocks

Personalize static platform text.
Click on “Localization” in the navigation bar. Use the language settings (upper right) as well as the search function (left) to find the desired static text. The left column displays the language you have the rights to edit (choose the appropriate language settings in the upper right). Click on the text in the right column to adapt it. Save the changes by pressing the enter key or clicking on the checkmark to the right. The text will go online the next time the platform updates (at least once every week).

Manage your blacklisted words

Manage the words on the blacklist.
Click on “Blacklisted Words.” To add words to the list simply type them in the empty field, choose the correct language, and click “Add.”
You can search through the list of words, edit them directly, and delete them.