Execute projects

Execute Projects


Moderate projects on your platform. In your project click on the heading “Suggestions.” Within the search function or the filter you can define which suggestions should be displayed. Select a suggestion. Comment on (below), take (upper right), or delete (upper right) it. Click on “Edit” to edit the suggestion; through “Add Attachment” you can upload files. Additionally, you can assign every suggestion a status or category in the block to the right. Through “Shift Suggestion” you can move a suggestion to another phase or a different project. After you take a suggestion, you will be presented with the next suggestion automatically.
To combine similar suggestions, search for the relevant suggestions within “Similar Suggestions” (in the list to the right) and click on “Combine Suggestions.”

PLEASE NOTE: The more recent suggestion will be attached automatically to the older suggestions as a comment. Comments originally made to the more recent suggestion will be deleted.

Credit System

Users receive credit points for their activity on the platform. The standard settings for the evaluation and credit (based on best practices) are set as follows (changes can be made as necessary):

SUGGESTION: 5 credits

COMMENT: 1 credit

MEDIA (pictures, attachments, etc.): 3 credits

LIKE: 1 credit

YOUR SUGGESTION (when liked by another user): 3 credits

VOTE: 3 credits per vote


Administer your project blog.
In the project navigation bar, click on the heading “Project Blog.” Search through existing blog entries, add new ones, and get an overview.


Administer your supercharger.
In the project navigation, select a phase and then the desired tab for which you want to administer the supercharger (survey, suggestion, vote).
Click on “Supercharge” and define the requirements.
Check the current status of your account to the left before you apply the supercharge. To reload your account please contact your project manager.