Installing your innosabi crowd node

Basics and background

innosabi crowd is always provided as Software as a Service.
That means:

  • Your platform is always up to date because improvements are pushed to all nodes at the same time.
  • All configuration including credentials and certificates are provided with your deployment package.
  • Services are auto-configured for optimal performance.

innosabi crowd is very easy to install and needs minimal effort to manage. Nevertheless it is within your responsibility to:

  • Install operating system security updates as soon as possible.
  • Install operating system updates regularly.
  • Run, configure and manage a firewall on every node (recommended even in intranet environments).
  • Back up the system on a regular basis.
  • Make sure the operating system is “clean” without interfering software.
  • Monitor noisy neighbors in VM environments.
  • Monitor services and log files for uptime and errors.

Path overview

/opt/ignite Application directory

/opt/deploy Deployment directory

/var/ignite Media storage directory

/var/log Log file directory

/tmp/* Temporary files for caching etc.

Installation process

  1. Install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS base system with SSH server.
  2. Synchronize /var/ignite on all application nodes (SAN, NFS, Gluster etc.) or use Open Stack, AWS or Azure storage options.
  3. Run install commands for your deployment option.
  4. Supply the external dns name, port and deployment method to innosabi.
  5. innosabi will now add your node to the deployment and start the installation.