Manage Community

Manage your Community

Track community development

Follow the development of your community in real time.
The registered users are displayed in the overview graphic under the heading “Community” in real time. By dragging the graphic to the left or to the right you can see different time periods, with a mouseover you can see the number of users at any given point in time, and by clicking on the “Export” button to the right you can export the graphic.
Search the community with usernames or email addresses.
If your platform is configured so that users must be given access to the platform manually, then you can activate user accounts by clicking on “Mark as trusted.”

Review user profiles

View individual user profiles and their platform activity.
Under the heading “Community” click on individual users to see their profiles. In the overview a user’s profile picture, information, and settings will be displayed.

PROJECTS – Here you can see in which projects the user participated, what type of activities he/she did as well as the credit point he/she earned.

USER COMPETENCIES – Here you can see the information the user gave in surveys.

USER ATTRIBUTES – Here you can view the user attributes you issued the user, and you can adjust or change them.

In the upper right you can delete the user and anonymize his/her personal information or completely delete the user.

Manage user attributes

Create attributes to individualize user qualities.
In the navigation bar click on the heading “User Attributes” and add new attributes (“+Add new”) and edit, delete, or export existing attributes. Submit the options or characteristics functions exactly as you would submit option questions in the survey design.
Attributes cannot be adjusted by users, only by administrators.

Manage user competencies

Create user competencies to test user competencies.
In the navigation bar click on the heading “User Competencies” and add new competencies (“+Add new”) and edit, delete, or export existing competencies. Inputting competencies functions exactly like applying surveys to projects.
Competencies will be tested when a user registers and can (depending on the requirements) be added by a user to his/her profile.

User roles

Define the access rights of users and administrators on your platform.
Under the heading “Community” define a user’s access rights:

MEMBER – Registered user, has no right generally to access the backend. Where necessary, this user can be a manager in individual projects.

EDITOR – User can view and edit static sites on the backend.

ADMINISTRATOR – User has access to the entire backend.