Review results

Review Results

Platform Participation

Follow user participation and interactivity.
On the backend, click on “Projects” in the heading. You will be shown three graphics that will provide an overview of relevant platform KPIs:

USER ACTIVITY – Percentage of the users who have visited the platform in the last three months.

PlATFORM HEALTH – Average number of actions per user.

COLLABORATION – Number of comments and likes in relation to the number of suggestions.

Project Participation

On the backend click heading “Overview” found in the project navigation bar. You will be given an overview of the ongoing assignments as well as the top user. On the right side of the page you will in addition receive an overview of user activities broken down by relevant KPIs.

PROJECT HEALTH – Returning users. 100% = all project users have at least logged in once within the past 6 months.

USER ACTIVITY – Average user activity in comparison to other projects on the platform.

COLLABORATION – Number of comments an likes compared to the number of suggestions posted in the project.

In the graphic “Project Participation” you can see the progression in the number of users over time. With a mouseover you can see when a particular number of users visited the project.

Summary of every Phase

On the backend, click on the project navigation in the heading of a project phase to get a summary of the participation in this particular phase. In the “Summary” tab you can view a graphic of user activity over time. You can view the activity per day itemized into suggestions, comments, and likes and then export that information.

Export User Summaries

PROJECT PARTICIPANTS – Click on the heading “User” within the project navigation bar. Use the filter function to choose which users you want displayed and exported. Additionally, you can click on the “Export” function to download the currently displayed users into an Excel export document.

USER ATTRIBUTES – Within the heading “User Attributes” in the navigation bar you can download Excel exports from selected attributes by using the filter and export functions. Exports include user identification as well as the particular attribute characteristics.

USER COMPETENCIES – In the navigation bar under the heading “User Competencies” you can download Excel exports from select competencies through the filter and export functions. Exports include user identification as well as the particular competency characteristics.

Export Survey Results

Export survey results.
Click on the heading “Survey Design” within a project’s project navigation bar. Select the desired survey by using the filter and export the SPSS-optimized Excel data by clicking the export button in the upper right.
Click on a question to see a graphic depiction of the answers and, if necessary, to export it.

Export Entries

Export posted content and discussions.
Click on the heading “Suggestions” within a project’s project navigation bar. Additionally, you can use the filter to display a selection of particular suggestions, when desired (for example, only suggestions that you allowed to go to a vote). With the export button you can choose whether the selected content should be exported as an Excel file or PDF. Suggestions, comments, and likes as well as media uploads will be exported.

Export Graphics

On the backend you can export all of the automatically generated graphics using the button located to the upper right of the graphic. You can either print the graphic directly or export it as a PNG, JPEG, PDF, or SVG file.