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Siemens Headquarter München


With their platform Quickstarter, Siemens AG is establishing a new culture of innovation in the company by directly involving employees in the selection and implementation of innovative projects. Using the Innovation Funding approach, employees can not only submit ideas, but also allocate budgets to promising projects. Through this voting process, relevant ideas are quickly identified, prioritized and driven towards implementation. Any ideas that reach their funding goal can then be implemented by the idea provider, so that employees have the opportunity to become intrapreneurs themselves. In our case study video, Christian Homma and Christoph Krois from Corporate Technology Siemens AG report on the successful use of the innosabi software.

Airport Munich: A brand new philosophy

The Airport Munich now relies on a new Agile Innovation platform by innosabi in order to accomplish more together with their staff. They want to reach out to the full potential of creativity and experience of the approximately 8.000 employees. The goal is to identify and implement sources of innovation around the economic and touristic hub of the metropolitan area. Also, the forty million passengers each year are included into the process of generating ideas. Thus employees and customers are enabled to actively shape the airport’s future, may it be technical advice for more efficient procedures on the airfield or suggestions for new events. The new approach goes beyond merely collecting suggestions and follows the philosophy of building a lasting community. There, the innovative ideas are discussed and developed in collaboration. In the first two month, over 200 ideas have been submitted to the new platform, which equals a plus over 300% in comparison to the previous system.

In the Case Study Video Sarah Wittlieb, Director of Innovation Management at Munich Airport, explains how the successful start of the platform went on and which vision they are pursuing with the innosabi software in the future.

The Open Ideenlabor
at Postbank

With digitalization progressing in all aspects of our daily lives, our behavior and needs are changing rapidly as well. This is not only a great challenge for the development of new products. Also services have to adapt to those new requirements. In order to keep pace with the fast, digital developments there is no better approach than a direct and sustained exchange with the end users, which is directed towards the generation of innovation. With Agile Innovation, this dialog with the customers is utilized by directly introducing their knowledge into the development of new services and digital offers.
How exactly that is implementable in the service domain is for example demonstrated by the Postbank Ideenlabor. On this Postbank online platform they are working on the future of banking together with their customers.
In this video, Sven Siering, Head of Innovation Management at Deutsche Postbank AG, explains how the development of new offers was opened up step by step for the customers’ ideas and which advantages result from this collaboration.


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