New Software Features: Tile View Switch and Unsplash API

Unsplash Icon und Kachel Icon
Before the year is slowly coming to its end, we have two great new features to announce which greatly improve the usability of the innosabi platform for all users and admins. The new tile view switch allows you to change the layout in which ideas are displayed in the frontend. The Unsplash API is a ... Read More

Innovation Funding at Siemens

Siemens Headquarter München
An idea alone does not make any innovation nor does it promote progress. That is how Christian Homma – Senior Innovation Manager at Siemens AG – describes the pivotal challenge of working in innovation management. After all, good ideas will not turn into marketable products that generate added value and revenue for the company by ... Read More

What is Innovation? One Definition of innovation

Definition von Innovation easy definition of innovation easy to understand
Innovation. A word that moves the world. Literally. Because without innovations, there would be neither progress nor change. Big, drastic changes in the world would not have been possible without innovation. The industrialization needed the invention of the steam engine, digital transformation the internet. Humans always strive for further improvement and change. With this, mankind ... Read More

The origin of innovation

origin of innovation, Was ist der Ursprung von Innovation?
Where does innovation come from? The origin of innovation is not a philosophical, but a rather simpel historical one: Where would be stand today, if it was not for innovations like the wheel, fire and electricity? Not to speak of modern communication technologies, medicine and democracy? Humans always innovated, what changes was the scope of ... Read More

Let’s ask Dr. Bettina von Stamm – perspectives & concepts of innovation

Innovation Konzept Dr. Bettina von Stamm the changing concepts of innovation
Dr. Bettina von Stamm is a renowned expert in innovation, product development and design. She has been researching and working on innovation for over 25 years, calling herself an innovation philosopher, storyteller or catalyst. In 2004, she founded the Innovation Leadership Forum, a Think & Do Tank that helps organizations understand, unlock and improve their ... Read More

Brand new… innosabi identity

innosabi visual identity
In the past few months, innosabi has undergone one of the biggest changes in our company's history: the premiere of the new product portfolio and the introduction of four different software solutions instead of one. The beginning of a new, exciting chapter. However, this change posed a very big challenge for us: how to redesign ... Read More

A new age for innosabi software

Der innosabi hub verbindet die innosabi Technologie im Ökosystem eines Unternehmens
Not only the world around us stands constant transformation, also innosabi is entering a new era. With the expansion of our portfolio, we are adapting the innosabi products to the changing requirements of digitization. Therefore, we are building our software solutions even more around specific use cases. But what has been the trigger for this ... Read More

Supplier Innovation &
Internal Crowdfunding

Agile principles like openness, collaboration, rapide prototype testing and adaptability can be implemented in the innovation management processes in various ways. While methods differ, all share a common goal: to bring higher speed into the development of new products and services of large corporations. Depending on the use case and the group of participants addressed, ... Read More

Best Practice – Ideation, Funding and Acceleration: „Daimler Ideate“

"Daimler Ideate" is a collaboration platform that aims to involve Daimler employees throughout the world, regardless of internal silos, in innovation projects. On this platform, ideas for new products and technologies are generated and further developed. To this day, more than 33.000 users from various business units are registered. Starting with the collection and elaboration ... Read More

office impressions
the innosabi HQ

Neuigkeiten aus dem innosabi HQ Karriere
innosabi keeps growing. With the extension of our office to the entire floor now, the north and the south part of the building are now offering space for the different department teams and even more innosabis to come! This article will just give a quick peak into our new offices and the resent changes in the innosabi ... Read More

Coming Soon:
the new backend

innosabi software
The beta phase of our completely revised, new backend of the innosabi software is now online and active. It is the heart of all our platforms. Not only is this a detailed test phase and thereby a lot of work, but also the beginning of a new chapter in innosabi history. As we pursue  an agile development ... Read More

innosabi module
Competency Profiles

Thousands of people come together to work collaboratively on our Crowdsourced Innovation Platforms. Typically, each community member has different knowledge, skills, or professional background. For this reason, platforms with large communities are particularly dependent on identifying and connecting the right users with the right ideas & projects. Each participant considers the projects from their own ... Read More