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What really sets innosabi apart? It’s not the office in a beautiful old villa, the Italian coffee machine or our sunny garden. It’s the people working at innosabi. We are a team of strategic thinkers, pioneers, designers and creators united by no less motivation than changing the world. We develop and explore the possibilities of digitalization, making agile and digital innovation possible.
innosabi is constantly evolving. We can and will never stop learning and discovering new things. Acquiring new skills is not a goal, but an indispensable means to achieve the best possible results in the digitalization and innovation sector every day. innosabi seeks and develops unique talents and encourages to find paths that have not yet been taken.

45 Employees

10 Nationalities

1 Goal

Be innovative. Be innosabi.

innosabi is growing and we are on the lookout for new colleagues who are motivated to develop, market and distribute our technology, as well as take good care of our customers. Innovation is your passion and you are ready to face new tasks and big visions? Join our team!

Your benefits

innosabi is a software company, not an agency, and a firm opponent of elbow mentality*. We want to offer our employees not only the best possible working environment but also the opportunities and possibilities to develop and grow together. Our vision is only achievable if everyone at innosabi gives their best and supports others in doing so.


*Elbows are only used when moving the coffee cup to the mouth.

work-life balance

best team / teamspirit

office in beautiful old villa

best coffee in town

corporate events

flexible working hours

company pension plan

garden group

home office

access to corporate benefits

personal growth

tee and cookies

0845 – Bike Tour
All of Munich is stuck in rush hour. But not me. I just get on my bike and ride through the English Garden and along the Isar to our office.


0930 – Bootstrapping
In the office, I walk directly to the kitchen: Getting a fix of that delicious coffee smell. I say Hi to my team, start my MacBook, check some emails, open up JIRA, pick a task, put my favorite Spotify playlist on shuffle aaaaaaaaand…. CODE!


1030 – Teamlink
Daily stand-up and exchange with the dev team: Are there any questions? Are there major changes in the app core? Any major Angular releases coming up in the next hours? Aaaaaand…. back to CODE!


1300 – Lunch
Salad with colleagues in the kitchen, frisbee in the park, sushi by the Isar, pretzel in the beer garden, coffee on the balcony, hangouts in our garden. Before I head back to my desk, I savor the latest selection of sweets and snacks from the cookie drawer.


1400 – Review && Refactor
In between tasks, I check my own work for style, readability and expandability. My colleagues should enjoy building upon my work.


1600 – Connect || Code
Before I head onto the coding home stretch for the day, I change the playlist once again and get myself a fresh cappuccino. When I’m not developing new features I plan the expansions of our APIs or discuss customer requirements with our CSM team. Sometimes I also have to write down my daily routine for the career page…


1900 – Visionary Thoughts
Grab a cold beer, call it a day and let my ideas flow. Which steps can we take next in our pursuit to develop the perfect innovation platform? How can we evolve our team and workflows to grow even quicker and mores successful?

Daniel Jurkovic

Senior Developer
& Part-time Rubber Raft Captain

1003 – Coffee Please!
First stop in the morning: The coffee machine. My colleagues look enviously at my latte art, while I casually pour a unicorn into my cup. Drinking coffee in style!


1011 – Let’s Go
I enjoy my cappuccino at my desk and feel the super powers awakening within me. I check my emails and organize my tasks for the day. Sometimes by priority, but preferably by my own mood 😉


1030 – Daily Scrum
Standing ovations for me? Nope…just the dev team getting off their chairs for the stand-up meeting. We clarify the most important topics for the day and I get my daily dose of input and feedback.


1045 – Carry On…
Work a little on mockups, design sketches for a new platform and romp around with SketchApp. A check here, a few Lore Ipsums there. Click click, test test, Dribble, Muzli, Medium, Web Designer Depot, Awwwards, Codepen, Bootstrap. AAAHH more inspiration! More dribble!


1224 – Grab a Cookie
Really, this is my only cookie for this week…


1300 – Lunch
I need something healthy after the cookie: Salad! Together with my colleagues we head over to the nearby supermarket to get all the ingredients for my magical creations. Back in the kitchen, I once again win at lunch with my signature mango-strawberry-sunflower seed salad and enjoy it on the balcony.


1530 – Coffee Please!
Getting my refill for the afternoon. And maybe a cookie… the last one for this week! I promise!


1615 – Meet & Plan
Whether in the kitchen, on the balcony or via chat: We take time to exchange ideas and discuss the next steps in the ongoing projects. Like a true professional, I only need a few gifs, icons and emojis to communicate with the others.


1703 – Shaping Out Ideas
I continue to work on my mockups and upload the first finished versions for prototype testing on InVision. When I am not swamped with individual stylings requests for our customers, I am working on the concept for the new front end of the innosabi platform.


1959 – The End is Near!
Once again, I stayed a bit longer at the office, but everything got done and I have less stress tomorrow. Now off for the evening!

Gisel·la Sapiña Febrero

Frontend Developer
& Head of Salad Creations

0830 – Getting to Work
Sweet, no business trip today! So my day starts off with a nice, quiet bike trip through the English Garden – could it be any better?


0900 – In the Office
A first look into my calendar to see the scheduled meetings and calls for the day. Followed by a look into my emails: Potential customers surprising me with new requests and a never ending stream of questions. Business as usual 🙂


1000 – Coffee Break
The great thing of being in the innosabi HQ for a change: Getting Munich’s finest coffee! And of course catching up with my colleagues in the kitchen.


1010 – Back to Work
The rest of the business development team is in the office now. Perfect time to quickly organize our work on the fly. A colleague needs help with finalizing a pitch presentation. We split the tasks, get it done, and once again beat the deadline. Biz Dev like it should be 😉


1300 – Lunch
So many options…what to do? Supermarket, a quick swim in the Eisbach, Italian place next door, picnic in the English Garden, chilling on the balcony? Italian place wins today.


1400 – Follow Up
Getting some follow up calls on my various leads done. Talking about innovation in the finance sector for a few minutes then switching to pharmaceuticals. Then automotive. Then insurance. It never gets boring and feels great to have the solution for so many industries!


1500 – Customer Meeting
Heading over to a potential customer in Munich and presenting innosabi and our software. It’s great to have so many large companies right here in the city!


1830 – Done for the Day!
No big surprises today, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? – An RFI on short notice? An incoming demo request from a Fortune 500 company? Or maybe a spontaneous meeting at a potential customer? Already looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Antje von Loeper-Weber

Senior Business Developer
& Expert Vacation Planer


I would like to apply at innosabi in Sales, Customer Success Management, Marketing or HR. Which documents are important for a complete application?

Important for us are:

- Curriculum vitae
- Letter of recommendation
- Letter of motivation
- Testimonials

I would like to apply for a developer position. Which additional documents are important for me to submit?

Especially helpful for us are:

- Source codes

I would like to apply as a working student. What else do I have to consider?

As a student please also send us:

- Certificate of enrollment

I would like to do an internship at innosabi. Is this possible?

An internship at innosabi is possible, but not for less than 6 months.

I am currently writing my master thesis. Can innosabi help me?

Unfortunately, we are not able to support you with your master thesis at the moment.

This is what our application process looks like for Sales, Customer Success Management, Marketing and HR:

Phone call

This is the first step in our application process. You will speak to a contact person from our HR team on the phone. It works like a normal interview. Both sides get the opportunity to ask and answer questions. After consultation with the respective department and positive feedback, we will continue with the second step.

Personal interview

In the second step we want to get to know each other even better. Due to Covid-19, the ``personal`` interview takes place during a video call. Besides HR, the team lead will also be present. This way, more specialized questions can be clarified and you can get a feeling for who you might work with in the near future.

Half Day

After a successful video call, we invite you to a trial day for about 3-4 hours to the innosabi office. We can get to know you personally, you can get to know the team, you get some insights into our world and a challenge where you have to prove yourself and convince us. Lunch is optional 😉 Good luck, you're almost there!

You want to apply for a developer position?

Phone call

In the first step you will speak to a contact person from our HR team on the phone. It works like a normal interview. Both sides get the opportunity to ask and answer questions. After consultation with the respective department and positive feedback, we will continue with the second step.

Video Call

If you have successfully mastered the Coding Challenge, we want to get to know each other. This happens in a video call with our CTO and our Scrum Team Leads. We will go into detail about your challenge results as well as technical knowledge and clarify open questions.

Coding Challenge

In the second step, you can prove your skills. Depending on the development position you apply for, you will get a coding challenge that you have to solve on your own remotely within 2 days. Our CTO will then review your results to see if your coding style fits innosabi. Give your best!

Getting to know the team

After a successful video call, we invite you to another call with the whole development team. This call will last about an hour and should be an opportunity for you and the team to get to know each other personally. Feel free to bring questions. You have almost made it!

You want to apply as a test engineer / software tester?

Phone call

This is the first step. You will speak to a contact person from our HR team on the phone. It works like a normal interview. Both sides get the opportunity to ask and answer questions. After consultation with the respective department and positive feedback, we will continue with the second step.

Getting to know each other

If you have successfully completed the Testing Challenge, we will continue with a video call. In this call, we (CTO, HR, CSM Team Lead) can get to know each other virtually. In the first half, we will discuss your tests and clarify any open questions. In the second part, general questions will be clarified.

Testing Challenge

In the second step you can prove your skills. You will get a testing challenge that you have to solve remotely and independently within 2 days. Our CTO will then review your results to see if your tests help us identify as many errors and bugs as possible to get the best out of our software. Give your best!

Half day

After a successful video call, we invite you to a trial day for about 1-2 hours at innosabi. Here we can get to know you in person and you can get to know the team. You will get insights into our world and if there are any questions left, these can be clarified face-to-face. You have almost made it!


Work-life-balance is very important to us, because we want you to feel comfortable with us and to be able to organize your everyday life flexibly.

access to corporate benefits

With access to corporate benefits, you can profit from great deals and discounts. In addition to the areas of technology, travel and leisure, fashion and furnishing, there are many others on which to use your discount.

best team / teamspirit

Actually, there is not much more to be said here. We all pull together and want to make a difference together.

best coffee in town

We make coffee dreams come true. Starting with coffee black up to elaborate milk foam creations, everything is possible with our portafilter machine.

company pension plan

You have the opportunity to make provisions for your old age with us. We will be happy to support you.

corporate events

One should celebrate the parties as they come. No matter whether big successes happened or it's New Year, spring, summer or Oktoberfest. When we celebrate, we celebrate properly.

flexible working hours

Flexibility is very important to us. Everyone can schedule their own workday and thus ensure their personal work-life balance.

garden group

Our garden is used not only for work, lunch break or an after-work beer. For every hobby gardener there is a place reserved in our garden group. This way you always have the best vegetables at hand.

home office

Everyone has the opportunity to work from home. But of course, it's cooler in the office with colleagues 😉

office in beautiful old villa

You don't think so? Then convince yourself at our Half Day or take a look at our innosabi instagram account.

personal growth

With us you have the opportunity to develop together with innosabi. We never want to stand still, so you better bring a good portion of curiosity and motivation.

tee and cookies

For those who are no coffee lovers, there is a wide selection of different teas. And what goes better with a hot drink than cookies? Don't worry, there are always supplies on hand.

What does the onboarding for my position look like?

Even before you start at innosabi, your team leader and your team will prepare an onboarding for you with all that is important for your job. On your first day at innosabi, you will receive an onboarding plan that will guide you through the first days and weeks. In different sessions you will learn the most important things about your work in your new department and your role in the team.

And what else?

We have a company-wide onboarding where you get insights into the work and structures of the other teams. This should help you to better understand their work content and get an overview of what we do exactly, where our customers come from and what is important internally. So, be curious!

Who will support me during my start at innosabi?

You will get your own buddy. Your buddy will be a team member of yours. He/she/they will accompany you during your start at innosabi and show you where the different meeting rooms are and where to go for lunch. He/she/they will also give you advice and support you during the first weeks.

Who can I talk to about my development?

On top of all these things, you will be assigned to a mentor. He/she/they is/are an experienced team member who is happy to share his/her/their experience with you and to support you in your professional development.

Is there a particular way of working?

We are not only flexible in our working hours, but also in our way of working. The Scrum method allows us to work in an agile manner and to react quickly to short-term changes or problems. We don't plan everything through in advance, but approach projects step by step. Self-organization and self-motivation are important here. To keep our team members up to date, every morning we have a Daily to exchange ideas and information.

When do the dailies take place?

You got us 😉 Didn't we say earlier that we have flexible working hours? Hmm... not entirely, because you should start working at the latest when the Daily starts. Yes, we also have some rules, but don't worry, there is still time to sleep longer 😉

At these times our daily meetings take place:
HR: 09:30
Sales: 10:00
CSM: 09:30
Marketing: 10:45 except Monday: 11:15
Product & Development: 10:00

How will I be kept up to date on what is happening in the other teams?

At our weekly company meeting TGIT, the different teams at innosabi talk about their current challenges, successes and news. This way you are always up to date about the latest developments. Be curious and let the Thursday end comfortably with your colleagues. With beer, lemonade and snacks - or mulled wine.

Is there someone who makes sure I learn plenty at innosabi?

Yes, there is, and that is mainly you!
Of course, you can't be an expert on everything, and that's perfectly fine. But it is important to us that you are curious and interested in learning new things. Of course we always help each other if possible, but we don't have an expert for everything yet. You must have the desire to acquire new knowledge yourself and to familiarize yourself with new topics. You can use our self-learning platforms for this purpose, among other things.

What exactly are the learning platforms for personal development? And when can I use them?

On Udemy you can find videos on all kinds of topics and for our developers we also have access to egghead.

Your personal development is important to us, so you can take time for it during your working hours.

Microsoft Teams

Teams for teams. For us, it is important to stay in touch with other innosabis via chat, phone or video conferences. But also for external communication this tool has already proven itself very well. Especially in times of Covid-19.

Wiki Confluence

To collect and share our knowledge in one place, we use Wiki Confluence. Among other things, you can find work instructions, templates and much more there. We maintain the wiki pages regularly so that everyone is up to date.

innosabi shape

We not only develop software for agile innovation, but also use it ourselves. innosabi shape is our internal innosabi spark platform where every innosabi team member can share their thoughts and ideas on various topics.


Jira is our ticket system. We use it to work in an agile and transparent manner. It allows our Scrum teams to plan their sprints and tasks better, as well as closely monitor and track the progress of each task.


HubSpot is our inbound marketing & sales platform. It simplifies and standardizes our work, making us more flexible. Marketing campaigns can be managed and Sales can see who is interested in innosabi.


You know, there is something called 'email'. It's like sending a letter, only much faster. Do you really need an explanation for that 😉
Moreover we use Outlook for our calendar entries.

How long do you store my application?

We store your data for a maximum of 6 months. After that, everything will be deleted from our server.

Here you can find more information:


Take the initiative!

Your dream job is currently not listed in our vacancies? No problem! Get in touch with us anyway. Tell us in the form below what motivates you to start at innosabi and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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