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We are proud of what we do and of the people who make this all possible. We are a team of strategic thinkers, venturers, designers, and creators united by the shared motivation to transform our world. We fearlessly pioneer at the forefront of digitalization and make future innovation possible.
innosabi is constantly evolving and so are the people working here. We never stop learning and are not afraid to acquire new skills. Every person in the team brings a unique talent to the table and is encouraged to find ways how to best contribute personal strengths to our shared vision. Connecting the best ideas and the brightest minds with our software is only possible when we do the same within our own team.

0845 – Bike Tour
All of Munich is stuck in rush hour. But not me. I just get on my bike and ride through the English Garden and along the Isar to our office.


0930 – Bootstrapping
In the office, I walk directly to the kitchen: Getting a fix of that delicious coffee smell. I say Hi to my team, start my MacBook, check some emails, open up JIRA, pick a task, put my favorite Spotify playlist on shuffle aaaaaaaaand…. CODE!


1030 – Teamlink
Daily stand-up and exchange with the dev team: Are there any questions? Are there major changes in the app core? Any major Angular releases coming up in the next hours? Aaaaaand…. back to CODE!


1300 – Lunch
Salad with colleagues in the kitchen, frisbee in the park, sushi by the Isar, pretzel in the beer garden, coffee on the balcony, hangouts in our garden. Before I head back to my desk, I savor the latest selection of sweets and snacks from the cookie drawer.


1400 – Review && Refactor
In between tasks, I check my own work for style, readability and expandability. My colleagues should enjoy building upon my work.


1600 – Connect || Code
Before I head onto the coding home stretch for the day, I change the playlist once again and get myself a fresh cappuccino. When I’m not developing new features I plan the expansions of our APIs or discuss customer requirements with our CSM team. Sometimes I also have to write down my daily routine for the career page…


1900 – Visionary Thoughts
Grab a cold beer, call it a day and let my ideas flow. Which steps can we take next in our pursuit to develop the perfect innovation platform? How can we evolve our team and workflows to grow even quicker and mores successful?

Daniel Jurkovic

Senior Developer
& Part-time Rubber Raft Captain

1003 – Coffee Please!
First stop in the morning: The coffee machine. My colleagues look enviously at my latte art, while I casually pour a unicorn into my cup. Drinking coffee in style!


1011 – Let’s Go
I enjoy my cappuccino at my desk and feel the super powers awakening within me. I check my emails and organize my tasks for the day. Sometimes by priority, but preferably by my own mood 😉


1030 – Daily Scrum
Standing ovations for me? Nope…just the dev team getting off their chairs for the stand-up meeting. We clarify the most important topics for the day and I get my daily dose of input and feedback.


1045 – Carry On…
Work a little on mockups, design sketches for a new platform and romp around with SketchApp. A check here, a few Lore Ipsums there. Click click, test test, Dribble, Muzli, Medium, Web Designer Depot, Awwwards, Codepen, Bootstrap. AAAHH more inspiration! More dribble!


1224 – Grab a Cookie
Really, this is my only cookie for this week…


1300 – Lunch
I need something healthy after the cookie: Salad! Together with my colleagues we head over to the nearby supermarket to get all the ingredients for my magical creations. Back in the kitchen, I once again win at lunch with my signature mango-strawberry-sunflower seed salad and enjoy it on the balcony.


1530 – Coffee Please!
Getting my refill for the afternoon. And maybe a cookie… the last one for this week! I promise!


1615 – Meet & Plan
Whether in the kitchen, on the balcony or via chat: We take time to exchange ideas and discuss the next steps in the ongoing projects. Like a true professional, I only need a few gifs, icons and emojis to communicate with the others.


1703 – Shaping Out Ideas
I continue to work on my mockups and upload the first finished versions for prototype testing on InVision. When I am not swamped with individual stylings requests for our customers, I am working on the concept for the new front end of the innosabi platform.


1959 – The End is Near!
Once again, I stayed a bit longer at the office, but everything got done and I have less stress tomorrow. Now off for the evening!

Gisel·la Sapiña Febrero

Frontend Developer
& Head of Salad Creations

0830 – Getting to Work
Sweet, no business trip today! So my day starts off with a nice, quiet bike trip through the English Garden – could it be any better?


0900 – In the Office
A first look into my calendar to see the scheduled meetings and calls for the day. Followed by a look into my emails: Potential customers surprising me with new requests and a never ending stream of questions. Business as usual 🙂


1000 – Coffee Break
The great thing of being in the innosabi HQ for a change: Getting Munich’s finest coffee! And of course catching up with my colleagues in the kitchen.


1010 – Back to Work
The rest of the business development team is in the office now. Perfect time to quickly organize our work on the fly. A colleague needs help with finalizing a pitch presentation. We split the tasks, get it done, and once again beat the deadline. Biz Dev like it should be 😉


1300 – Lunch
So many options…what to do? Supermarket, a quick swim in the Eisbach, Italian place next door, picnic in the English Garden, chilling on the balcony? Italian place wins today.


1400 – Follow Up
Getting some follow up calls on my various leads done. Talking about innovation in the finance sector for a few minutes then switching to pharmaceuticals. Then automotive. Then insurance. It never gets boring and feels great to have the solution for so many industries!


1500 – Customer Meeting
Heading over to a potential customer in Munich and presenting innosabi and our software. It’s great to have so many large companies right here in the city!


1830 – Done for the Day!
No big surprises today, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? – An RFI on short notice? An incoming demo request from a Fortune 500 company? Or maybe a spontaneous meeting at a potential customer? Already looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Antje von Loeper-Weber

Senior Business Developer
& Expert Vacation Planer

0830 – Biking to Work
I usually cycle to work every day. On my way I have to cross the English Garden, one of the biggest parks in Europe! It’s the perfect start into the day, cycling through the green environment, towards the sunlight, and arriving in the calm and still sleepy Lehel.


0845 – Time for Coffee
I turn on the computer, and then head straight for the kitchen. The classic Italian coffee machine is the meeting point of our company. When you’re still a bit tired a nice and foamy cappuccino is the perfect wake-up call, and when you need to rush for your first meeting a coffee gives you an extra boost of energy.


0900 – Jour Fixe Call
With most of our clients we have regular Jour Fixe calls, sometimes they need to be early, as we have international clients with different time zones, so 9am for us may be 3pm for them. As part of the CSM team you always try to adjust to your clients needs. Being the link between the client and the development, we are in a crucial position. We need to satisfy our client, yet we have to protect our development from too many issues at the same time. Finding the right balance is important to ensure our workflow stays efficient.


1100 – Emergency Task
And there it is: The more stressful part of the day: A client called and said he can’t access the platform anymore! Crucial issues like this are directly forwarded to the developers and tagged as an emergency. We immediately try to solve the problem to get the client and the platform back on track.


1130 – CSM Weekly Meeting
Each week our team meets for an hour to discusses the different clients, what has been going on, what is planned for next week and to spot the bottlenecks. We also discuss the prioritization of tasks and exchange internal feedback on how to handle current issues.


1300 – Lunch Break
Its all up to you – with the English garden close by, you can easily refill your batteries with some spare time in the sun or a quick swim in the Eisbach. Or you join some colleagues on the balcony or in the garden, or maybe there’s a team lunch in one of the restaurants close by. After all it’s what you make out of the lunch time.


1400 – Meeting Time
After lunch, it’s time for another meeting. We discuss on how to proceed with a current project: What can be realized, what functions are missing and which things needs to be adjusted to make it work.


1500 – Time for another Coffee
Before the afternoon kicks in, its time for coffee. While working on the machine, I have a quick chat with one of the developers – this also gives me a quick update on another project he is currently working on.


1530 – Update the Client
With new feedback from the previous meeting and the short coffee chat, the clients need to be updated. Collaboratively we try to find a solution, and we plan the next steps to ensure the best outcome possible.


1700 – Check with the Development
When the day is soon over, I check on the status of the various projects. How far did we come today, what needs still to be finished and what can be postponed until tomorrow.


1800 – Finish the Day
At the end of the day I track the time I’ve been working on for the various clients, then I check once more if all the planned tasks have been accomplished and make a short to do list of what needs to be done the next day. Now its 1830, time to leave!

Josua Hösch

Customer Success Manager
& Certified Outdoor Survivalist

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