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innosabi develops technologies and platforms for community-based Open Innovation approaches. The advanced software tools allow companies to open specific internal processes and sustainably integrate external knowledge in the development of new products, services, and business models. The core of the innosabi method is an interlinked combination of Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation, which enables companies to use the intelligence of the Crowd as a strategic element in their innovation management. Innovations are rarely single sparks of genius from isolated individuals, but instead emerge from an exchange of ideas, perspectives and expectations. innosabi creates spaces in which this social component of innovation can optimally unfold – from initial idea generation to marketing of the final product. The innosabi technology allows companies and individuals to focus on what is most important: passion for innovation, time for innovation, and openness for innovation.

The methods and platforms of innosabi have been successfully implemented in many projects with renowned companies, for example Messe München International, Continental, Postbank, Ford, HARIBO, Danone and MANHATTAN. innosabi also operates unserAller, Germany’s largest co-creation community for consumer goods.

in 2011, innosabi was honored with the “IKT-innovativ” award of the German Ministry of Economics as the most innovative start-up in sector of information and communication technologies.

innosabi is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and was founded in December 2010 by Catharina van Delden, Jan Fischer, Hans-Peter Heid, and Moritz Wurfbaum. innosabi has 15 employees and an advisory board comprised of Dr. Stefan Ried (CTO at unify), Barbara Wittmann (Senior VP at immobilienscout24) and Alexander Lang (Managing Director IMAN Solutions GmbH Innovation Consulting). Dr. Markus Pfeiffer (Bloom Labs) is connected to the firm as angel investor.

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