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The current version of our software is called innosabi core 10.1 galaxy and comes with many powerful features for your innovation initiatives. The new update focuses on a better connection of all stakeholders in your ecosystem and makes it easier to search and find relevant content or people.


Create a holistic, digital space for all initiatives and challenges inside and outside of your organization. Get the right software to structure the large amount of information or data and make it usable for your innovation initiatives. innosabi core 10.1 galaxy is the central entry point for innovation in your company.

Innovation Assistant

Trust in our intelligent assistant to quickly guide the users of your platform to the right projects or the required sources of information. The intuitive structure of question and answer gives orientation immediately and brings your users to their destination easily.
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Global Search

Utilize the AI-assisted search capabilities to make large amounts of data manageable and to find existing data in your ecosystem: from ideas in innovation campaigns to current trends, patent data or content from external sources.
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Expert Map

Connect the experts and the knowledge in your ecosystem even more closely. Based on individual competency profiles and locations, relevant problem solvers can be quickly identified and integrated into relevant projects.
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