Getting Started

Access to Dashboard

How to gain access to the backend of the platform as an administrator.
As an administrator your profile picture and name will be displayed in the upper right corner. Click to open a menu – click on “Dashboard” to get to the platform dashboard.

My Dashboard

How to navigate your dashboard.
In the dashboard links to all of the administrative tools will be displayed within the navigation strip.

Navigating the Dashboard

You navigate the dashboard by clicking a heading on the left. The corresponding overview page will open. By clicking on an element you will open the detailed view with its own navigation and headings.

Headings in the Dashboard

PROJECTS – Here is where you add projects and then manage them.

COMPANIES – Here is where you add companies and then manage them (companies can also be defined as overriding divisions, topics, etc.).

COMMUNITY – You receive an overview of your community’s development and you can manage individual users.

USER ATTRIBUTES – Create features, characteristics, labels, etc. that you can assign to users.

USER COMPETENCIES – Automatic or user deposited user characteristics.

PLATFORM BLOG – Post platform-relevant news in the style of a blog.

STATIC PAGES – Manage the static pages of your platform (e.g. “About Us,” “FAQ,” etc.).

NOTIFICATIONS – Manage automated communication.

LOCALIZATION – Customize standard platform text (e.g. on buttons) or adapt their standard translation.