Features for Market Intelligence

innosabi Insight is our solution to better understand and monitor the developments at the forefront of your industry or technology field. It continuously tracks and analyzes over 500 different data sources with more than 125 million different pieces of information. Combined with its AI and machine learning engine, it allows you to condense the ever-growing flood of data into actionable, easy to comprehend insights for your decision-making.
With this comprehensive innovation intelligence solution, we provide innovation teams with a single interface to access the latest trends, patents, startups, competitors, partners, technologies, and publications. innosabi Insight delivers all relevant information at a glance to give your team more time for what’s really important: turning insights into innovations.

Insight Dashboard

The AI engine of innosabi Insight requires only a search term or a selection of relevant organizations in an industry to compile a comprehensive overview of the technology field. Patent activity, academic research, M&A activities, and several other indicators are used to determine the maturity, the stage in the innovation cycle, the most active players, as well as opinion leaders.
From this dashboard, the innovation team can easily dive deeper into the data and explore the connections between the players or simply refine the search with additional information or search terms. And the best part: It takes less than five seconds to get a fully built insight dashboard for any search term or technology!
innosabi insight software dashboard

Technology Scouting

The key to successful innovation is to find and explore new things that you are still unaware of. Searching the unknown on your own can be challenging and overwhelming. That is why innosabi Insight comes fully equipped with smart search and semantic models to discover new developments or technical solutions that are related to your field but that you might not even know exists.
Don’t just rely on search queries for specific terms but rather “teach” innosabi Insight what is relevant to you. This brings your technology scouting capabilities to a whole new level.
innosabi insight technology scouting

Competitive Intelligence

innosabi Insight can identify and closely monitor your competitors’ activity. Stay on top of their filed patents, trials, research, investments, mergers, and acquisitions. By analyzing the relationships and activities of your competition, innosabi Insight can provide you with detailed industry and technology networks.
Make better decisions, implement the best strategies, and find the right partners by understanding the big picture and developments in your field.
innosabi insight software competitive intelligence

. . . and Many More Features

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