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the innosabi HQ

Neuigkeiten aus dem innosabi HQ Karriere
innosabi keeps growing. With the extension of our office to the entire floor now, the north and the south part of the building are now offering space for the different department teams and even more innosabis to come! This article will just give a quick peak into our new offices and the resent changes in the innosabi ... Read More

Coming Soon:
the new backend

innosabi software
The beta phase of our completely revised, new backend of the innosabi software is now online and active. It is the heart of all our platforms. Not only is this a detailed test phase and thereby a lot of work, but also the beginning of a new chapter in innosabi history. As we persue  an agile development ... Read More

innosabi module
Competency Profiles

Thousands of people come together to work collaboratively on our Crowdsourced Innovation Platforms. Typically, each community member has different knowledge, skills, or professional background. For this reason, platforms with large communities are particularly dependent on identifying and connecting the right users with the right ideas & projects. Each participant considers the projects from their own ... Read More
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