Collaboration with Your Partners

The development of new products or services begins with the search for the right partners and compatible technologies. But external stakeholders can contribute much more to your innovation efforts than just providing the necessary materials for production processes. With the innosabi software you can use the knowledge and expertise of suppliers or startups and integrate them quickly into your company.

01 Executive Summary: Key Facts at a Glance

  • Innovations are created with the right combination of ideas, know-how and resources. A company cannot always achieve everything alone. That is why it is important to involve partners.
  • Frequently, close cooperation creates synergies that are beneficial for all parties involved. However, it is necessary to share ideas, knowledge and competences.
  • Through collaboration along the entire value chain, innovations and products are created faster and more efficiently. Often the time-to-market can be significantly reduced.
  • With the right technology, the right stakeholders in one’s own ecosystem can be identified quickly and easily.
  • Integrate the right partners directly into your initiatives and bring your supplier or expert network closer to your company.
  • Use the possibilities of data connection and keep an eye out for new, useful potential and developments. Search databases for start-ups or patents and integrate new partners into your innovation process.

02 Why Involve Partners in Innovation?

Innovation does not come about by itself – it is the optimal combination of idea, competencies and resources. That is why it is important to involve the right people and stakeholders. Especially external partners such as suppliers, research institutions or start-ups can have the missing piece of the puzzle for the next innovation. Especially in highly specialized industries, the right experts are not always to be found within the own company. If, on the other hand, you look for them in your own ecosystem, synergies can easily arise and ideas can be implemented more quickly.

03 Collaborating to Create More Innovation in the Ecosystem

An ecosystem consists of a wide variety of stakeholders. Each of them can contribute to increasing the innovative strength of your company. While collaboration with customers often results in more needs-oriented products, collaboration with partners can lead to cost savings and higher speed in product development. Especially in highly specialized areas, companies can no longer build up all competencies themselves – but specialized partners can.

  • Strengthen partnerships and integrate suppliers in innovation projects
  • Establish a protected environment for collaboration with partners
  • Identify market leaders and benefit from the latest technologies
  • Shorten the time-to-market and save time and resources
  • Integrate external expertise faster and expand your competencies
With a platform solution, all existing partners can be networked with each other. By including suppliers, start-ups or experts, existing relationships are strengthened and expanded. In addition, the constant expansion of one’s own network and ecosystem is also a central component for growth and innovation in one’s own company. The innosabi technology enables the involvement of existing partners as well as the connection of external data sources through which new partners can be found.

04 Supplier Innovation: Driving Innovation Together with Suppliers

Involve your suppliers and partners in your innovation initiatives early on. In this way challenges can be overcome together. With the innosabi technology you have the opportunity to share current issues with your suppliers in a targeted manner. Invite partners with the appropriate know-how into your projects and use the knowledge and technologies of your network.


The Supplier Innovation Approach takes many elements from traditional approaches of the suggestion system – like transparency, evaluation and disclosure. However, it is not a tendering process, but a collaborative way to integrate suppliers and their problem-solving functions into the company. For this purpose, challenges can be placed on the platform. Suppliers who have the capacity to solve the problem or the need for innovation are then specifically invited.

05 Open Call: An Open Submission Channel

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is important to constantly develop and incorporate innovations into your own processes or products. It is therefore worthwhile always having an open ear for the ideas of start-ups, young companies, research institutions or partners. With the Open Call, precisely these ideas are given the opportunity to enter your company.


Open Call is thus oriented to the basics of classic idea management. Define topic areas in which ideas can be submitted. Establish a transparent process around requirements and evaluation criteria and use the regular exchange for new partnerships. In this way, new business areas can be identified and developed at an early stage.

06 Startup Radar: Find Start-Ups with Good Ideas Easily

Digitalization often requires a rethinking of established processes and a high degree of flexibility. Startups in particular can often react faster to innovations than larger companies. For this reason, cooperation with start-ups is an ideal way for corporations to drive innovation in their own companies and to open up new fields of technology.


The innosabi technology offers the possibility to connect specialized databases to ensure access to the latest information on developments in the start-up scene. This data can be made available to experts within your company – to check and evaluate the potential of startups. On the basis of an expert analysis, contact can be established via the innovation platform to link start-ups to innovation initiatives and to use the joint potential.

07 Patent Scout: Always Be up to Date on Patents

Not only start-up databases but also patents are a valuable source of information in the field of innovation. In Germany alone, over 180 new patents are filed every day. With this amount, it is almost impossible to keep track of which of them are relevant for your own company.


With the innosabi technology it is possible to structure public patent databases and to make the contents usable for a targeted search. In this way, experts in your company can screen patents in their field and evaluate potential. The artificial intelligence of the innosabi software supports them in this process.

08 The Best Software for Collaboration with Partners and Experts

Involving so many different partners in your own innovation processes is only possible with the right technology. Not every software is suitable for mapping the various aspects of collaboration with partners. In order to ensure that collaboration with different partners can be established and intensified and that all legal conditions relating to intellectual property are in place, the following criteria must be taken into account when selecting a technology:
  • Connect different databases, like internal supplier databases or startup directories
  • Find and integrate new external knowledge and expertise
  • Create open areas for new ideas and collaboration within the partner network
  • Invite selected partners to find solutions together
  • Differentiate between open, collaborative areas and protected environments
With the various possibilities that a cooperation with a partner network offers, one is ultimately faced with the question: How and where is the best way to start? The answer to this question depends strongly on the general conditions, goals and previous experience of each company. A brief evaluation can help to find the optimal strategy: Which partners would you like to work even more closely with? In which areas do you see potential for new cooperations? On the basis of which data are decisions made? For which questions can you use external know-how?
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