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About innosabi

innosabi is a leading provider for innovation management technology. With our software we connect people, ideas, and data to drive innovation and to enable the transformation of culture and processes. Specialized solutions supported by agile and open frameworks create the infrastructure to ensure fast innovation in an increasingly digital and complex world.


Our mission is to empower what’s next through bringing together the brightest minds and the best ideas. Therefore, we foster collaboration across company boundaries and tap into valuable external potential. These connections not only spark motivation and ownership inside an organization making innovation a true company mission, but also help to quickly internalize new competencies and technologies making our clients pioneers in their industries.


The aim is to initiate the development of new products, services and business models before the competition does. That’s why we enable our clients to make the right decisions faster and spot relevant information earlier. By connecting the entire ecosystem of a company and engaging it in innovation initiatives, we make the entire organization more innovative and more resilient.


Working on the forefront of innovation and business development together with our international operating clients, we strive to create new solutions and methodological frameworks in the field of innovation management on a regular basis. Our technology is constantly evolving and supported by renowned universities and institutes in the fields of data science and innovation analytics.


innosabi was founded in 2010 by Catharina van Delden, Jan Fischer, Hans-Peter Heid and Moritz S. Wurfbaum. Today the company employs 50 people in the Munich headquarters ensuring complete in-house software development and hosting. Since 2021 innosabi is part of the french Questel Group, a software provider in the field of intellectual property. innosabi‘s customers include Siemens, Postbank, Allianz, Bayer and Munich Airport.

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