Revolutionizing Open Innovation with Crowdsourcing

Published by innosabi GmbH
ISBN: 978-3-0004-6081-4


Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing are among the most significant business trends of the last decade. Today, they frequently appear in corporate mission statements or management agendas. Like few other concepts and approaches, they embody the organizational virtues of the twenty-first century. But are companies really harnessing all the external knowledge, skills, and creativity available to them? Do they really integrate customers, end-users, or employees in their development and decision making processes? The reality is that most companies fall short in opening up and connecting with the outside world in a sustained and beneficial manner. To fully leverage the innovative potential of the Crowd, companies have to see Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing as significant strategic elements. They need a holistic approach and goal-oriented structures. This book presents such an approach. The unique integration of Crowdsourcing with innovation processes offers solutions for the most pressing issues many companies face surrounding the conflicting priorities of customer orientation, speed to market, and inventiveness.

Building on the experience of innosabi, this book outlines the immediate paradigm shift in the user/producer relationship and explains how companies can take advantage of new opportunities created by this shift. Various best practices and case studies demonstrate how Crowdsourced Innovation is the key to developing innovative products, services, and business models. This book should appeal specifically to decision makers in management, marketing, R&D, and innovation management, who are tasked with designing and implementing successful Crowdsourcing strategies. It is a hands-on description of innosabi’s unique approach which merges Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation methods.


Catharina van Delden

Catharina van Delden is the co-founder and CEO of innosabi. She holds an MBA from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and UC Berkeley, majoring in innovation and business creation. In her undergraduate studies, she focused on marketing and life & food sciences. Before founding innosabi, she worked in the marketing department of OSRAM and OSRAM India in Delhi. As a member of the presiding committee of BITKOM, the German industry association of the ITC industry, Catharina represents the interests of start-ups in the digital sector. In 2014, the German Informatics Society honored her with the “digital mind” award for her role as thought leader in Germany’s digital development. She was also named one of the 50 most influential women in German IT by the magazine Computerwoche.

David Chia

David Chia is CX Director at innosabi. He studied communication science and psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (LMU) and the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. In his Masters studies in Consumer Affairs at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), he specialized in innovation management and consumer behavior research. David received the Germany Scholarship for excellent academic achievement and the Best Thesis Award 2012 of the LMU Department of Communication Science and Media Research for his bachelor thesis. Before joining innosabi, he acquired work experience in marketing, NGO consulting and journalism. Applying his academic background and practical insights, he contributed several chapters to this book and helped to edit and conceptualize it.




  • The Importance of Crowdsourcing (Frank Riemensperger, Chairman of the Executive Board, Accenture Germany)
  • Sometimes More is Better – Introduction to Crowdsourced Innovation
  • The Evolution of Consumer Behavior
  • The Power of Users as Innovators
  • Branded Communities for Crowdsourced Innovation (Andreas Nicklas, Director Business Development at Lithium Europe)
  • The Emergence of Platforms for Open and Crowdsourced Innovation (Prof. Kathrin M. Möslein, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg & HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management)


  • New Approaches in Selecting the Right Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing Method (Alexander Lang, CEO at IMAN Solutions GmbH)
  • Adding Value to Social Media with Crowdsourcing (Matias Roskos, Community Manager at ProSiebenSat1)
  • Please Elaborate – Moderating Crowdsourcing Communities
  • The Crowdsourced Innovation Canvas
  • Implementing Crowdsourced Innovation: A Guide
  • Technology for Crowdsourced Innovation
  • A Unicorn is a Horse Designed by a Crowd – Prototypes in Crowdsourced Innovation


  • Case Study: MANHATTAN Nail Polish (Sophia Göbel, Product Manager for MANHATTAN at COTY)
  • Case Study: Postbank Idea Lab (Sven Siering, Head of eChannels at Deutsche Postbank AG)
  • Case Study: ISPO OPEN INNOVATION (Dr. Nina Schniering, Head of Corporate Development at Messe München GmbH)


  • The Crowd Within — Crowdsourced Innovation inside Companies
  • Outlook: Crowdsourced Innovation – Quo Vadis?


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