Innovation Services

Successful innovation processes and culture are about more than the right software tools. Leveraging the right methods and approaches to take full advantage of the generated insights, ideas, and solutions is equally important.
With our consulting and service portfolio, we want to help you build a foundation that fosters innovation and transformation. Especially when opening innovation processes for collaboration across company boundaries for the first time, having an experienced partner to guide you along the way can be invaluable. With many other things, that is what our consultants are specialized in.

Innovation Consulting

Our consulting team joins your innovation project or transformation process to fully embrace your challenges. With unparalleled expertise at the intersection of business intelligence, market analytics, IP, and scientific knowledge, they are the missing link to align your innovation processes with your overall strategy and deliver actionable recommendations for a successful future.
Innovation Consulting

Operational Support

In-depth collaboration across company boundaries can be the key to successful innovation and competitive advantage. To efficiently and quickly scale such collaboration efforts, our international team of experts can support your operations in various ways: identifying potential partners, engaging them in collaboration projects, conducting exploratory interviews, evaluating emerging technologies, and much more.
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