The only software for your innovation ecosystem you’ll ever need.

Unite all people, all data sources, and all initiatives with one single software. innosabi core 10.1 galaxy connects employee projects, customer communities, open innovation, and the search for new trends or technologies seamlessly. Innovation has never been easier.

Assistant & Initiatives

Focusing on the important things

innosabi galaxy is the focal point for innovation in your ecosystem. An intelligent assistant leads ideators and solution seekers to the suitable projects or sources of information. Create a unified, digital space for all innovation topics and initiatives inside and outside your company. The bigger your innovation ecosystem becomes, the more important it is to structure the wealth of information and data in a usable way.

galaxy search
Global Search

Find what you are looking for

innosabi galaxy makes data from all over the ecosystm searchable: from ideas in innovation campaigns to trends, patent data, or content from external sources. The enhanced global search capablities make it even easier to find important information on specific topics or to develop ideas further with addional insights. Integrate your existing tools and databases and make everything discoverable through a unified search.

Expert Map

A new form of network

innosabi galaxy connects the experts and the collective knowledge inside the ecosystem. Make the relevant people and their expertise discoverable for specific topics – based on individual competencies, profiles and their location. Find events, initiatives, and individuals who can contribute to your projects within your region.

galaxy map
version 10.1

The only software you'll need for your innovation ecosystem. All people, all data, all initiatives in one place. Innovate faster and easier than ever before with innosabi core.

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