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Builds Strong Ties to Suppliers and Experts

Access the knowledge and expertise of suppliers, partners, or startups in your innovation process. Reduce time to market and accelerate the internalization of new technologies with the specialized features of innosabi orbit.

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Why Companies Rely on innosabi orbit

Quicker Development

Innovate together with your Suppliers

The innosabi orbit features let you integrate suppliers or promising startups into the early stages of the innovation and product development process. Use the knowledge of your suppliers to drive innovation and pioneer new approaches. Find solutions for challenges in production or implementation before they arise and put them into action together.

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Controlled Environment

Stay ahead of your Competition

Information on your future products can be sensitive. To maintain your competitive edge, the innosabi software provides a controlled environment for your projects and networks. Decide selectively who you entrust with which information and invite only trusted partners into your digital network or specific projects. The innosabi orbit features enable you to stay in control.

Stronger Networks

Strengthen the Ties to your Partners

The features of innosabi orbit were specifically developed to help you strengthen the ties with your immediate partners, suppliers, and relevant startups. Build a digital platform to internalize external expertise and shape new synergies. Become the focal point of your own highly specialized network and stay at the frontier of all new developments.

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Industry leaders rely on innosabi technology

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Best Practice

Bayer Thrive

Supplier Innovation

Bayer uses the innosabi orbit functionalities to engage its suppliers in joint innovation projects. Procurement for the realization of new products or technologies is initiated early in the innovation process to shorten time to market. Suppliers can present their innovative solutions for Bayer’s challenges on the platform for detailed evaluation and seamless procurement.

“With the intelligent algorithms, automated translation, optimal integration possibilities and first-class user experience of innosabi, Bayer now has the next generation platform of innovation.”

Corporate Innovation
Bayer AG

version 10.1

The only software you'll need for your innovation ecosystem. All people, all data, all initiatives in one place. Innovate faster and easier than ever before with innosabi core.

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