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Tap into the expertise, ideas, and entrepreneurial spirit of your employees to innovate faster than ever before. Benefit from the specialized innovation funding and smart solution scouting features of the innosabi software.

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Why Companies Rely on
innosabi spark

Faster Innovation

Guide Great Ideas to Implementation

innosabi spark funcionalities offer everything you need for agile, seamless innovation processes inside your company. Find the next big thing through collaborative ideation with your employees and immediately pursue promising concepts in innovation funding projects to allocate the required resources. The process from idea to realization has never been faster.

innosabi Software - Spark - Employee Ideas
Better Results

Focus on the Real Game Changers

Success begins with making the right decisions. The innosabi software allows you to identify and prioritize the truly relevant ideas with advanced analytics and funnel mechanisms. From the algorithms designed to guide large-scale discussions to the virtual funding of budgets: innosabi spark features were developed to deliver results.

Stronger Collaboration

Access all Internal Expertise

The solution scouting features of innosabi spark enable an entirely new level of collaboration across your company. Empower your employees to initiate collaborative problem solving by finding and engaging the relevant expertise inside your entire organization. Shape a new corporate culture built on innovation and collaboration.

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Industry leaders rely on innosabi technology

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Best Practice

Siemens Quickstarter

The Award Winning Platform for Future Innovation Projects

Siemens uses the possibilities of innosabi spark to accelerate innovative projects and concepts across the entire organization. It encourages all employees to take on responsibility for the future of the company. Through detailed project proposals for own innovation projects or by distributing budgets for their implementation. The significant impact on innovative potential and ownership culture in the entire organization of the Siemens Quickstarter platform was awarded with the ISPIM Grand Prize 2018 by the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM).

“Siemens Quickstarter is about changing the company‘s culture; tearing down silos and empowering employees to live ownership. If you submit a project and get funded, it‘s your responsibility to implement it. The innosabi software is the ideal tool to engage all employees of our organization on one efficient, digital platform for innovation funding.”

Project Lead Quickstarter
Siemens AG

Daimler Ideate

The Digital End-to-End Innovation Accelerator

Daimler uses innosabi spark features to engage all its employees in the generation of ideas for new technologies and business opportunities. All employees can pitch ideas, join discussions, and distribute virtual budget among the ideas. The ones which reach their funding goals are then awarded with the equivalent resources for further development.

“With Daimler Ideate, innosabi has created a platform for organization-wide collaboration and virtual crowdfunding. Innovation becomes the task of all employees: from the generation of ideas through the distribution of budgets and the actual realization. An end-to-end innovation accelerator for Daimler’s future technologies and services.”

Corporate Strategy & DigitalLife
Daimler AG

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The only software you'll need for your innovation ecosystem. All people, all data, all initiatives in one place. Innovate faster and easier than ever before with innosabi core.

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