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Discovers Product Ideas and User Feedback

Build large communities for direct collaboration with your customers and open your innovation process for external ideas. Use collaborative crowd innovation projects and early prototype testing to create user-centered products and services for the future needs of your users.

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Iterative Development with the Customer

innosabi telescope offers everything you need for large-scale, open collaboration projects. Make the development of new products agile by integrating the end users in your innovation processes. Generate ideas, discuss concepts, and test prototypes with the ones who know it best: your customers.

Better Decisions

Get Structured Data from Discussions

The features of innosabi telescope are specifically designed to structure large, diverse discussions and extract the truly relevant information for your innovation process. Semantic analytics and finely tuned voting mechanisms help you condense large quantities of information into actionable data.

Faster Innovation

Expand Trends to new Innovations

Technologies and customer needs are evolving faster than ever before. innosabi telescope gives you the tools to stay ahead while your competition falls behind. Identify important developments early on through close collaboration with external stakeholders and be the first to turn them into innovations.

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Postbank Ideenlabor

Crowd Innovation and Prototype Testing

Postbank uses innosabi telescope to engage all its customers in the generation of new service ideas and the prototype testing of next-generation, digital offerings. The Ideenlabor is a home to several thousand committed customers who actively shape the future of Postbank with their ideas and feedback.

“We sat in the ivory towers for years and devised our products, but those times are over. We have to open up to the customer. It is important now to take advantage of the opportunities that digitization brings and the willingness of customers to actively engage in product development.”

Head of Innovation Management
Deutsche Postbank AG

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The only software you'll need for your innovation ecosystem. All people, all data, all initiatives in one place. Innovate faster and easier than ever before with innosabi core.

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