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innosabi crowd is the key to innovation in the digital age. It is your access to the power of openness, collaboration, and collective intelligence. A SaaS platform that transforms your idea and innovation management into truly digital, efficient processes.

innosabi crowd creates virtual spaces for interaction and idea generation on an unparalleled scale. It enables collaboration with hundreds or thousands of employees, partners, and customers. It is a digital tool to include all potential innovators at every step along your innovation and development process. The innosabi platform technology creates large innovation networks and uses intelligent software to connect the right people, detect innovative ideas, and identify valuable capabilities.

innosabi crowd provides a framework for fluid and agile innovation. It seamlessly merges idea management, innovation efforts, and external collaboration into one single platform. Its unique functionalities cover the entire spectrum from confidential, internal development with selected individuals to the full scope of the Open Innovation paradigm. To put it simply, it is your digital infrastructure for innovation.



innosabi platforms foster collaboration instead of competition. Advanced sorting algorithms combined with a unique user experience, elaborate moderation functionalities, and semantic analysis enable the exchange of knowledge. innosabi crowd creates collective intelligence to collaboratively develop initial ideas into feasible concepts. Don’t just look for a needle in a haystack. Turn the barn into a needle factory!



The platform integrates seamlessly into existing systems to bring out the true potential of your data sources. The extensive APIs of innosabi crowd allow community collaboration in all of your processes and even provide an immediate connection to over 2 million potential innovators around the world. It is the perfect tool to access innovative knowledge and generate relevant insights from the first day on. Don’t wait for innovation to happen by chance. Reach out and create it yourself!



innosabi crowd is designed to continuously evolve its potential as the platforms are used over time. The intelligent software learns behavioral patterns of the community members, their individual competencies, and positions within the network. Relevant individuals can be targeted accurately to create highly capable innovation teams and ensure the success of complex projects. Don’t expect the right people to find each other by coincidence. Bring them together and let them collaborate!



Community interactions, conversations, and the development of ideas on the platform generate large amounts of data. The innosabi crowd software provides the necessary tools to translate it into actionable insights. Detailed evaluation functionalities, portfolio analysis, and ranking algorithms support decision making with actual data and help you to make the first step towards big data in innovation management. Don’t just rely on what is visible at first glance. Uncover the information at the bottom of the iceberg!


Innovation Communities

Innovation Communities

Engage your customers and end-users in collaborative communities and create lasting relationships as a pipeline for innovation. innosabi crowd allows you to get instant customer feedback, generate innovative ideas, or identify relevant needs. The platform gives you a proven toolkit to encourage vibrant discussions and use them for co-creation projects, idea generation, or prototype testing. There is tremendous potential for innovation outside your own company – we want to help you use it.

Internes Ideenmanagement

Internal Idea Management

Connect with your own employees, encourage the free exchange of innovative ideas, and become a truly unified company. innosabi crowd brings employees from all corners of your company together and channels expertise to where it is needed. The platform allows you to build a channel for ideas that emerge outside of your organizational development processes to establish the foundation of a new corporate culture. One that enables all employees to actively shape the future of your company.

Technology  Scouting

Search the crowd for solutions or inventive problem solvers, identify promising technologies, and detect trends at their earliest stage. innosabi crowd helps you to find the missing piece for your next groundbreaking product or entirely new business opportunities. The platform creates an efficient interface between internal R&D and external innovators around the globe. Use it to actively search for emerging potential and get ahead of your competition. All you need to do is ask the crowd.

Digital Business Models

Evolve your existing business model, become a central hub in today’s connected world, and create value for all involved parties. The digitalization will eventually challenge all companies to transform themselves and become more than providers of products or services. innosabi crowd allows your company to kick-start this transformation today and become the pivotal element in a large network of stakeholders – an information relay that makes innovative potential accessible for others.

Unleash your innovative potential with an innosabi platform!

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