Innovation Management Software


innosabi crowd makes your idea & innovation management digital. Intelligente algorithms and scalable collaboration accelerate the entire process: from the initial ideation to the implementation of the final result.  innosabi crowd provides the digital infrastructure to integrate all stakeholders in an open, collaborative innovation process. Within your company as well as outside.

Connecting the Dots

Innovation happens when the right people, ideas, and challenges come together. innosabi crowd does not leave this to coincidence. State of the art features, APIs and algorithms transform companies into networked ecosystems to connect the building blocks of innovation.


Use the possibilities of digital collaboration and find new ideas, insights, and solutions faster than ever before.


Intelligent algorithms structure discussions with many participants and make ideation scalable.


Joint work on ideas in teams and engagement of suitable supporters accelerate the realization.


Structured surveys and analysis options support the finding of knowledge, ideas, and expertise.


Expand your ecosystem and integrate the right people and stakeholder in your digital innovation process.


Access via the intuitive mobile app enables the use of the platform anytime and anywhere.


Detailed user profiles facilitate the precise communication and collaboration with selected users.


Integrated newsletter and blog functionalities make the platform the central hub for all your innovation topics.


Increase the speed of prioritizing, testing, and realizing ideas or prototypes through digital, agile processes.


Interactive allocation of virtual budgets and resources accelerate the realization of results.


Testing digital prototypes channels feedback and improvement ideas into the agile development process.


Out-of-the-box access to millions of people makes consumer feedback and insights a matter of minutes.


Make data usable for innovation management and make better decisions faster and more accurate.


Detailed evaluation of ideas with custom criteria enable the reliable identification of potential.


Uniting all ideas and content of the platform in one single storage facilitates search and moderation.


Semantic analysis reveals connections and innovation topics across all projects and discussions.


Adjust the platform and functionalities perfectly for the long-term, efficient use in your company.


Separated platform sections enable the use in multiple departments or business units.

Life Cycle

Definition of processes for ideas or entire projects optimize the goal oriented usage of the platform.


Templates for ideation, surveys, or entire projects increase the efficiency of platform management.


Thanks to its flexible configuration and modular functionalities, the innosabi software can be used in various use cases. Ranging from structured idea management to internal accelerator programs. All with the same software.

Open your innovation process for collaboration. Integrate all stakeholders in a goal oriented projects. From first idea to final product.
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Solve challenges through connecting knowledge and competences. Tear down silos in your organization and create company wide collaboration.
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Test digital and analogue prototypes with the end users in agile processes. Integrate feedback and improvement ideas directly into the final steps of development.
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Use crowd funding features to prioritize ideas and allocate resources efficiently. Accelerate the implementation of ideas with virtual and real budgets.
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Bringt collaboration into the generation, evaluation, and realization of employee ideas. Make idea management a central part of your innovation culture.
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Get feedback an insights within minutes by connecting to existing crowdsourcing platforms. 2 Million people worldwide are just a few clicks away.
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