Methods & Support


Crowdsourced Innovation is more than just software. We provide a digital home for all aspects of your innovation process and establish a new culture in your company. An approach driven by openness and designed for collaboration with your entire ecosystem. Our support includes training in the relevant methods and competencies. We are eager to share our experiences in implementing crowdsourcing and open innovation strategies so that you, too, can achieve maximum success.


Together we will identify opportunities for successful crowdsourcing within your organization. We will use our substantial expertise spanning various industries to advise you on the areas ripest for the implementation of an innovation platform.

  • Identification of potential for your company
  • Development of an organization-wide strategy
  • Detailed conception of the plattform


Successful implementation builds the foundation for the long-term, profitable application of any innovation platform. Consequently, we support and advise you during the seamless integration of your new innosabi platform into your existing innovation process.

  • Customization of the software to your IT-specifications
  • Supervision of the launch
  • Assistance to build a community


In order to achieve the best possible engagement from your community after your innosabi platform has been installed, we will instruct you in the appropriate methods for the optimal development of your innovation platform.

  • Moderation of the platform’s activity
  • Quality management of the community’s engagement
  • Support the growth of communities

Unleash your innovative potential with an innosabi platform!

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