Crowd Innovation

Collaboration and Idea Generation with a community

The challenges of digitalization

The questions companies face today are, in their roots, quite similar in all industries: How can customer needs be identified at an early stage? What is the best way to develop our products and services as close to the customer wishes as possible? How can new offerings, services or business models be brought to the market quickly and successfully?

The answer: Crowd Innovation

Our solution to these challenges is relatively simple: Integrate your customers and all other relevant stakeholders into the innovation process right from the start! No one knows the current trends and needs better than the actual end user. With the innosabi software, you can develop new ideas, concepts and solutions together with hundreds of people. Not in competition against each other, but united as one community in real collaboration, underlaid with effective methodology. This is the basic principle of Crowd Innovation. Use the innosabi software and open your innovation management for collaboration.

Your Benefits of Crowd Innovation

  • Direct integration of customer needs and ideas into your product development
  • Internal and external collaboration along the entire innovation process
  • Your own, sustainable community for Open Innovation and Co-Creation
  • Development and use of the potential for innovation in your entire ecosystem
  • Scalable innovation projects with targeted methods
  • Intelligent software for the analysis of ideas and discussions

Best Practice: Postbank Idea Lab

“At the Idea lab we develop new products and services for Postbank with customers, non-customers, partners, start-ups and employees. This platform is the foundation on which the entire innovation management is based.”

Postbank AG


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