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The ideas and suggestions of our own employees have always been important drivers for the improvement, optimization and further development of companies. In Germany in particular, internal ideas management and suggestion have a long and successful tradition. However, digitalization opens up completely new types of ideas and participation opportunities for employees. The classic idea management has to react to it: How can the digital generation of ideas be supported digitally? What are the assessment processes and the awarding models that meet the motivation of today’s generations? How can you increase the quality and quantity of the employee ideas and, in addition to suggestions for improvement, actually stimulate innovative ideas?

The answer: innosabi Idea Management

With the innosabi software, we raise classic idea management to the next level. With a strong focus on user experience, transparency and engagement mechanisms, we are increasing the number of submissions while shortening the processing and implementation time. In addition, the platform is fully responsive and makes it possible to also attract employees without own computers or stationary workplaces as an inspiration. The high configurability of the platform allows us to map your individual evaluation process and to provide detailed reports. But we want more: We combine our many years of experience in open innovation and crowdsourcing with the platform functions developed for this purpose, to meet the highest requirements of modern design. Because we understand the interactions between idea and innovation management, the innosabi software is designed as an uniform technology for both use cases. We do not just think of idea management as a cost-saving tool. We see it as the starting point for a successful innovation culture in your company.

Advantages of the innosabi Idea Management

  • Complete idea development process on a single platform
  • Modern engagement methods enable collaboration, commitment and openness
  • Increase quantity and quality of ideas through user-friendly platform
  • Enables interfaces between ideas and innovation management
  • Developing innovative ideas alongside existing improvements
  • Building a comprehensive ideas and innovation culture within the company

Best Practice: Munich Airport

“We build the future of idea management, which will enable us to stimulate innovation, rather than just manage suggestions. The innosabi software provides the infrastructure for this process. innosabi has understood, that innovation is not about competition, but exchange and cooperation.”

Head of Innovation Management
Airport Munich GmbH


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