Solution Scouting

Efficient networking throughout the company

Sharing knowledge in large corporations

The larger an organization, the more complex it is to use the accumulated internal knowledge efficiently. Therefore, many corporations face similar challenges: How can existing solutions and knowledge be spread inside the company? How do you find people with the needed know-how to solve upcoming challenges? How can you network people across the hole company and enable collaboration across departments?

The answer: Solution Scouting

Solution scouting is a method by which employees can network with other people in the company to solve problems together. Abstractly spoken, the problem finds its potential solvers by itself. The innosabi software identifies the competencies of its users and learns from their contributions and ideas. If a question on the platform is answered or not, is not left to chance, but precisely addressed to people who have appropriate knowledge or relevant experience. Together, they can then discuss ideas and approaches to solve the problem. Supported by the intelligent sorting and search algorithms of the innosabi software, targeted and efficient collaboration is possible, and the results are then accessible to all other employees. This is collaborative, Open Innovation in your own company.

Your advantages of Solution Scouting

  • Sharing of internal knowledge and know-how by intelligent networking
  • Multiple and inefficient problem solving at several points in the company is avoided
  • Support of a collaborative innovation culture within the company
  • Toolkit to start a meaningful and collaborative discussion with groups of people
  • Usage of synergies across organizational barriers 
  • A pool of already developed solutions for future problems 

Best Practice: Bayer WeSolve

“With the intelligent algorithms, automated translation, optimal integration possibilities and first-class user experience of innosabi software, Bayer now has the next generation platform of innovation.”

PUNEET SRIVASTAVA // Corporate Innovation Bayer AG


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