Use the Innovative Potential of Your Employees

innosabi Idea empowers you to leverage the knowledge and ideas of your employees to bring new products to the market and find solutions to problems faster than ever before. Connect all initiatives in your company at a central entry point and create an innovation culture that drives long-term business success.
Visual: innosabi Idea Software

More Speed

The innosabi technology has everything you need to set up fast, efficient innovation processes and employee engagement in your company.

Better Choices

Make the right decisions quicker more reliably. Intelligent analysis mechanisms and evaluation features help to select and prioritize ideas.

Targeted Collaboration

The innosabi software gives your employees a platform that connects your company’s know-how and makes it usable for collaboration projects.

Strong Commitment

Establish a new culture of innovation that motivates your employees to take on more responsibility and to actively participate in the company’s success.