Features for Initiatives with Your Employees

Here you will find the right features and functionalities to start innovation initiatives with your employees or to enhance existing programs with additional features. The innosabi technology helps you digitize your innovation management and takes it to a new level.

Built for Your Needs

Start campaigns on current challenges in your company to integrate your employees’ ideas in a targeted and proactive manner.


Set Direction and Collect Ideas

Define the thematic framework and the period of the campaign regarding your business goals. Give your employees orientation to guide their ideas and knowledge to the right places in the company.


Strengthen Collaboration and Decision Making

Use the possibilities of open discussions to stimulate collaboration between your employees. Comments and likes improve the development of ideas and help you make informed decisions.

Expand your innovation campaigns with virtual crowdfunding and accelerate the financing and implementation of promising ideas.


Virtual Budgets for Quick Decisions

Equip your employees with virtual budgets and let them participate directly in decision-making. Idea generation, prioritization, and implementation thus interlock even more.


Full Control over the Financing Process

Use different funding formats and goals to stay in control at all times. Get the perfect digital extension to existing accelerator or entrepreneurship programs.

Enable your employees to actively search for solutions and make their expertise available across departmental boundaries.


Connect Problem and Solution

Support your employees to make current problems visible in the company and use customized campaigns to help them specifically identify people with the relevant specialist knowledge.


Increased Efficiency by Dismantling Silo Structures

Prevent the time-consuming development of solutions to problems already been solved elsewhere in the company. Establish an intelligent database for future challenges.

Create digital and smart idea management that motivates your employees to get involved and appreciate their improvement suggestions.


More Quality and Transparency

Implement transparent processes to increase employee motivation and use the innovative power of open discussions to improve the quality and quantity of the suggestions submitted.


Quantitative Growth

Scale the number of participants and ideas while maintaining the same effort for the reviewers. Use the convenient function of a digital platform for the entire process from submission and evaluation to awards.

Reward the performance of your employees and give them the attention they deserve through awards or ceremonies.


Cross-Organizational Innovation Culture

Anchor the importance of innovation in the minds of your employees by making the presentation of successful ideas and the communication about the awarding process in the company public.


Identification with the Company

Increase your employees’ sense of belonging to the company and its success with awards. Give them an active role in evaluating projects and achievements that deserve recognition.

Become a pioneer of future developments by using trends and growth potential for your innovation projects early.


Deep Insights

Discover future market developments in various industries and make the individual trend assessment of your experts the starting point for the strategic realignment of your company.


Tangible Competitive Advantages

Connect your employees with potential cooperation partners who have groundbreaking innovations and technologies. With a powerful database, you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Customize Your Innovation Platform

  • innosabi Extension Single Sign On

    SSO – Single Sign On

    Make it easier for your employees to log in and authenticate.

  • Innovation Assistant

    Guide your employees through the platform and give them orientation.

  • Extension Idea Tracking

    Idea Tracking

    Make progress and status of ideas visible to your employees.

  • Extension Articles


    Use the platform to communicate exciting news.